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BOLT is an operational, mobile focused video content platform centered on delivering live and highlighted video to emerging markets that are constrained by bandwidth. Bolt has available on Web, Android and iOS.

BOLT+ delivers a first-class user experience across all mobile devices, including low-bandwidth smartphones, currently used by more than 3 million global users.

BOLT allows users to rely on a trust-less network to administer payments,
resulting in an entertainment network that sustains itself. We aim to solve three main problems of emerging markets on their way to digital content; streaming cost and speed requirements are significantly lower with the BOLT solution, and services can be bought directly from the mobile phone with no need to have access to a bank account.

  • Receiving Credits – First-time users receive complimentary tokens and subsequently can top up tokens. Creators and users can also mutually unlock value by participating equally in the ecosystem.
  • BOLT Wallet – BOLT provides a wallet for users to receive, trade, store, and manage their BOLT credits as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Zilliqa, which can be used in the BOLT ecosystem.
  • A Closed System – BOLT users trade tokens with other users and content providers in exchange for content/other services. Tokens are therefore not burnt but reissued in the system.

“We have built a blockchain enabled entertainment network that sustains itself. BOLT tokens offer exclusive user access and allow content creators to be compensated fairly. Built on Zilliqa, the world’s first high-speed and secure public Blockchain platform.”

  • BOLT is tackling an industry that, while currently operates fine in 1st world countries with established infrastructure and resources, isn’t working so well in countries that aren’t yet caught up with 4G and 5G advancements. If you’ve ever visited or reside in areas such as South Africa or South-east Asia for example, you’ll know just how heavily mobile media is consumed whether it be via social media or video platforms. Visit somewhere like Indonesia and you’ll quickly realize that the amount of desks and desktops pail in comparison to the amount of mobile devices on the go, it’s a far easier media to consume and far more accessible to those who either can’t afford a traditional broadband connection or simply can’t access one at all. While mobile devices are all the rage in these regions, the price to consume media is often far greater than the norm, this is where BOLT steps in. BOLT introduces a solution built on Zilliqa and a proprietary technology that enables them to reduce the data usage that comes along with streaming video by a whopping 91% percent (250MB/hour .vs. 3GB/hour). Using BOLT, users can stream high quality video on their mobile devices and utilize micro-payments to pay for what they actually watch in a more accurate and fair way compared to traditional systems where payment gateways have high minimum transaction costs and force digital service providers to wait several months for cash flow, resulting in liquidity issues for those providers. While the current system poses a lose-lose situation for mostly everyone involved apart from a few that stand to profit, BOLT looks to create more wins for Customers, Content Creators and Digital Service Providers as funds become far more liquid through the use of BOLT tokens and users are at more liberty to spend their funds on what THEY want to see. BOLT is creating a solution that benefits both the Content Creator and the Customer first.
  • The BOLT ecosystem features a model that we’ve seen a few projects try before but fail to really hit a note with users. With a more targeted demographic that favors those who don’t have access to 4G and 5G networks, the appeal to transact and reward with BOLT tokens should be far greater. BOLT not only ensures that micro-payments are far more feasible compared to traditional payment gateways, but also provides a solution for Service Providers that are unable to accept various currencies through traditional means. BOLT removes the need for fiat currencies to be transacted and is far more censorship resistant due to its utilization of blockchain technology. Forward on from it’s use-case in creating a more efficient network, BOLT offers users a way to receive discounts on things like Premium Content, Data Bundles and access to uncapped content consumption under a time-limit. With token repurchasing plans and various token burns based on company profits, BOLT will eventually have its token supply taken down to 600 million, increasing scarcity and providing investors with more incentive to hold BOLT. An excellent token model that not only benefits the Users and Creators on the BOLT platform, but also creates incentive for Service Providers and Telcos to get involved.
  • With Entertainment Partnerships featuring big names such as The International Cricket Council, Aljazeera, Rakuten and the Discovery Channel and boasting Telco Partnerships with the likes of Smartfren, Digi, BKash and more, there’s absolutely no question of whether BOLT is accessible. With the BOLT Whitepaper totaling Telco subscriber exposure up to around 50 million users in and around Indonesia, Bangladesh and Malaysia, the Team clearly understands the audience that they’re targeting and that could really help avoid a clash with other platforms that are traditionally centralized and unkind to the unbanked. Strategic partnerships with Oxademy (from Oxford) and Switcheo Network also compliment the already impressive roster, aiming to host educational content on the platform and increase liquidity of the BOLT token.
  • The Team behind BOLT is made up of some very experienced individuals. While we do mention in our “concerns” section that there isn’t a huge amount of combined blockchain experience among the Team members, not that it’s incredibly important for this type of project, they make up for it in spades with their marketing and social media backgrounds. With a strong background in creating brands, businesses, partnerships and social communities, there’s no shortage of key strengths here. Jamal Hassim (CEO/Founder) held key management roles in NTV7, 8TV and the TV3 group including managing broadcast operations in Malaysia, Mauritius and Ghana. Previously, Jamal was the Chief Operating Officer of SPH Mediaworks in Singapore, where he successfully launched and operated Singapore’s first private terrestrial television and radio station for Singapore Press Holdings (SPH). Christel Quek (CCO/Co-Founder) was Head of Content at Twitter and led Social Business for Samsung Asia. Christel was selected by The Guardian as one of the top 10 global digital strategists, Campaign Asia-Pacific as a Woman to Watch, and Business Insider as one of the 30 best executives to follow on Twitter, and most recently Forbes 30 Under 30. We could continue on listing highly talented Team members but you should check them all out for yourself.
  • We’ve downloaded the BOLT+ App and it’s extremely easy to get started, a quick SMS verification or Facebook login is all you need to get started. We were asked a few questions such as what our language preference is and a few areas of interest. We were immediately shown relevant media according to the interests we chose. With a quick swipe right to the Live section, the Aljazeera channel was streaming Live in high definition. Just an easy experience overall. BOLT is a very impressive project and one that we think has a real chance of penetrating through to their target demographic. With over 3 million Bolt+ users already, it’s clear that there is a need for a project like this and millions of people are already taking advantage of it. With an incredible Team that clearly understands their strengths and is taking full advantage of emerging technology to benefit potentially hundreds of millions of unbanked users, we’re excited to see just how far BOLT can go in Q3 and Q4 of 2019, leading into 2020.
  • BOLT definitely has a vision worth exploring. Like we said in our “Positives” section, the apparent target demographic often relies on quick, easily consumed information due to limitations such as infrastructure and cost of network usage. The concern here is the competition that behemoths such as WeChat, Tencent Video and other social media platforms provide to a solution like this. Although BOLT isn’t directly competing with these companies, ecosystems such as Tencent Video, Wechat, etc usually suck users in and keep them there, seemingly offering “everything they need” in the one place. The struggle is really just a matter of crossing through that barrier and offering something that the others don’t and the appeal to customers will vary on region. BOLT is still very new to the scene and although they offer far more in the way of enabling users to consume content and reward creators in a more P2P way, the impact this will have on demographics already tied into an ecosystem that they enjoy using isn’t easy to gauge long term just yet. In saying this, the Team is hastily securing partnerships with big names such as Aljazeera, Channel NewsAsia and Rakuten VIKI just to name a few which will help immensely with the appeal and rate of adoption.
  • The time-to-market is often what’s important with projects like BOLT. How long a product takes to “go viral” is vital to securing a spot in someones “app draw”. While the platform is simple in some ways which could be drawn from by competitors in the future, their proprietary video streaming technology and various other technological advantages mean that they can hold the upper hand for longer. The idea of “hold this token for more benefits” isn’t a groundbreaking token model when compared to other blockchain projects in the same industry but it’s one that could translate a lot better in target demographics such as Africa and Southeast Asia compared to other regions, especially seeing as the BOLT token offers everyone in the ecosystem some benefit in one way or another. BOLT is a project that seems to understand where its strengths lie and where to focus that strength rather than being overly ambitious.
  • No other real concerns here. Not much you can really fault this project for. They’re trying something that isn’t particularly technically advanced on the face of it but requires a very well experienced Team to guide, which they definitely have. While it’s true that the Team doesn’t have a massive amount of experience with blockchain tech, that’s not what’s important here. The Team has all the experience in social media and marketing that’s required to get BOLT into the hands of users with some excellent partnerships to kick it off. Overall a great project that you should keep an eye on as they show off their networking and marketing skills with future partnerships and user growth moving into Q3 and Q4 of 2019, leading into 2020.


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Token Details

Token Type


Powered by the Binance Chain. Can be stored on any BEP2 compatible wallet e.g Trust Wallet

Token Statistics


• Ticker: BOLT
• Circulating Supply: 531,886,962
• Total Supply: 995,000,000
• Token Use: Services & Fees


The Team

Jamal Hassim (Founder/CEO)
Christel Quek (Co-Founder/CCO)
Lynn Morales (Operations)


& Competitors

• Entertainment
• Content & Social Media
• Competitors – Mithril, Storm (To an extent)

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