Binance Acquires DappReview Ranking & Analytics Platform

 Binance Acquires DappReview Ranking & Analytics Platform

On Tuesday the 3rd of December 2019, Binance announced they’d acquired DappReview, a leading analytics platform concerned with tracking and ranking the leading decentralized applications on various platforms. DappReview has been a crowd favorite for those looking to explore the library of Decentralized Applications that are being built on platforms like Ethereum, Tron, Tomochain and many, many more.

Binance acquiring DappReview should show how serious they are about creating decentralized applications that people can actually use. Enjin, Loom Network, Tomochain and EOS immediately come to mind as fierce competitors in the space, with most initially tackling sectors like gaming and gambling due to their popularity among users and the jump-in-jump-out accessibility that those applications bring. Take one look at the DappReview homepage and you’ll be flooded with well designed applications that will keep you distracted for hours as each has their own spin how they use blockchain technology and the tokens integrated.

The acquisition will most likely lead to DappReview becoming a much larger platform with a greater ability to advertise to those unfamiliar with traditional cryptocurrencies and their nuances. Statistics collected on DappReview are invaluable to Developers of these applications and the platform has offered the community one of the first real “App Stores” to garner widespread attention. We’re excited to see what Binance does with DappReview in the future and we’re looking forward to seeing more Developers releasing Decentralized Applications in 2020.

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Dapp.Review – Website Homepage

According to Binance, “DappReview will maintain its independence in technical development and operation, and Binance will offer support in non-technical fields including marketing and business development. DappReview will release a new suite of products in Q1 of 2020.”

“On-chain applications are still the missing piece for mass blockchain adoption. The DappReview team has shown its commitment to dapps and strong execution in building a leading global dapps platform within a year of establishment. Binance and DappReview share a mutual goal of driving blockchain applications. This acquisition marks a significant step into the dapps ecosystem, and we will have more exciting developments in the near future.”

Binance CFO – Wei Zhou

About DappReview – DappReview is the world’s leading data-driven decentralized applications (dapps) platform, tracking data from over 3900 dapps across thirteen public blockchains. DappReview dedicates to deliver accurate dapp data, newest dapp information, user insights and market analytics/reports. DappReview also provides full package of service for blockchain developers from fund-raising, product development to marketing and promotion.

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