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Horizen Releases Q1 2020 Progress Review –

Horizon has released a progress report, covering what the Team has accomplished over the past quarter, going in-depth with major developments in Engineering, Marketing, and Business Development. The Team details over 30+ key points in the aforementioned categories and provide links to various interviews and events that you may have missed . Several important releases include that of the Zendoo Whitepaper, Ginger-lib, ZEND 2.0.20 and much more according to the Team. Diving a bit further into the article provided by Horizen, we can see that extra marketing efforts have been put in place, integrations with companies like Coinbase and Abra have gone ahead and the Team are ramping up efforts to get ZEN tokens into the hands of more Investors than ever. Horizen have had what appears to be a jam-packed Q1 and they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down . For more Horizen News and Updates, bookmark this page! Source. – Updated 19th April, 2020

Horizen Now Available On Metal Pay App –

Horizon has announced a partnership with Metal Pay, a popular cryptocurrency wallet and lending/payments app which will allow Metal Pay users to buy and send ZEN easy and fast. ZEN now joins over 25 other cryptocurrencies offered by the Metal Pay app and users can enjoy sending ZEN in terms of USD value, create feeless transactions, earn MTL coin when they pay with the Metal Pay app and rest assured that their transactions are secured and backed by FDIC regulations. Overall another exciting step forward for the Horizen project. For more Horizen News and Updates, bookmark this page! Source. – Updated 8th April, 2020

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