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Constellation is the world’s only Blockchain technology designed for Big Data, providing infrastructure for an open decentralized data marketplace and an enterprise grade software solution for data provenance and integrity. It’s secure, cost-effective, scalable, and easy to integrate.

Constellation is a distributed ledger technology known as a directed acyclic graph (DAG) protocol with a novel reputation-based consensus model called Proof of Reputable Observation (PRO).

  • Big Data Validation – A cryptographically secure, multi-checkpoint solution that validates data pipelines at scale – for bulletproof, secure networks.
  • Big Data Notarization – Our robust and unique protocol notarizes your data in dedicated transaction logs forming a queryable audit trail.
  • Scalable Interoperability – Our micro-service framework enables effortless plug-and-play functionality with existing applications written with JVM languages such as Java & Scala.

“Constellation is a software infrastructure tool that removes the financial and organizational cost of insecure data pipelines and bad data. It provides a secure and tamper-proof audit trail that simultaneously validates your data, allowing early visibility for data management teams into downstream issues – preventing bad logic across automated systems.”

  • Constellation (DAG) is another exciting project in a sector that is maturing at a rapid rate. Big data is all the rage as companies slowly discover the possibilities of decentralized, or more importantly, distributed solutions and Constellation has proven themselves over the past 1-2 years to potentially be an excellent provider of these enterprise grade solutions. Big data is a multi-trillion dollar industry and is in desperate need of innovations in regards to security and privacy from all angles. Current systems are stuck with the “ain’t broke don’t fix it” approach and while that has worked well for decades, this most recent decade coming to an end in 2020 should have shown them that legacy systems aren’t going to cut it as data becomes one of the most valuable assets on earth. Constellation provides a new framework with familiar programming languages available for developers to work with which is incredibly important if companies are looking to improve their existing infrastructure and Constellation has more than gone out of their way to create a product that is designed to “slot in” rather than “replace” existing workflow, which often scares clients away in other industries where they simply cannot risk downtime.
  • Constellation (DAG) chose to build their product utilizing DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) technology, a growing trend over the past 12 months. Without going into too much details regarding DAG technology, the simplest way we can describe it is a “blockchain on steroids”. Several projects we’ve reviewed here utilize this technology and for the use-cases Constellation aims to serve, it’s absolutely essential. DAG technology is infinitely scalable as more participants enter the network and as a result, infinitely more secure and reliable. When it comes to the world of IoT and data on demand, transactions are often small in size and require near instant access with minimal fees, something a DAG based infrastructure serves well. We highly recommend visiting the Constellation website if you’re interested in more technical information such as the Spore Platform and other network/protocol details that we won’t go into depth on in this review.
  • Constellation have had a stellar 2019 and while a lot of investors will point to the price of the DAG token and gush over the gains they’ve made over the year, it’s not surprising but still very important to understand what pushed Constellation to be one of the hottest cryptocurrencies of 2019. Constellation recently partnered with Chainlink (LINK)to become a node operator on the Chainlink network, to provide smart contracts with access to real-world streaming data from Constellation’s enterprise clients, and to provide validation for streaming data” (source). Chainlinks’ business model benefits greatly from partnering with as many high quality data feeds as possible so it’s no surprise that Constellation made the premium cut. Although their partnership with Chainlink was impressive, by far the most notable partnership the Team made was with the United States Air Force (USAF). The US Air Force signed a working contract with the intention to “attempt to speed up the experience, broaden the pool of potential applicants and decrease bureaucratic overhead” (source). What’s notable here is the obvious; an aerial and space warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces deciding to work with a relatively new startup with as much confidence as they’ve shown. Big moves. We highly recommend watching this interview by Crypto Tytan where he and Constellation CEO Ben Jorgensen go over the details of their most recent developments.
  • The Team behind Constellation have proven themselves to be not only very knowledgeable, straight forward and communicative with investors, but also extremely humble in the way they go about their business. With the market being rather unfavorable to Altcoins over the past 1-2 years, it’s more important than ever to discover projects where the Team more or less ignore what’s going on in the “crypto market” and focus more on their own products and development. Regardless of the price of Bitcoin tomorrow, there will eventually come a time where these projects stand on their own feet in terms of valuation and Constellation is showing early signs of this. Benjamin Jorgensen (CEO) is an extremely well spoken individual and although his LinkedIn profile details some prior experience in reasonably unrelated fields such as Ad-tech and a two-time founder and entrepreneur and investor/advisor to over 15 early to mid-market companies, the way he presents himself and the confidence he shows in leading his Team and their efforts is far more valuable in our eyes. | Wyatt Meldman-floch (Co-founder / CTO) appears to be the boss in terms of technical development. Having a vast history as a Data Engineer and lead roles in similar positions, his resume is hard to ignore and is perfectly suited to what Constellation is striving to achieve. | Benjamin Diggles (VP Business Dev) has been an active participant in web, software development and digital design for over 20 years from both practitioner and leadership positions. | Overall excellent Team.
  • Constellation has been on our radar for some time now and it’s excellent to see the project garner the attention it has over the past few months, regardless of the increase in DAG token value. With their Mainnet being rolled out gradually and recent partnerships made with Chainlink and the US Air Force in the space of a month or two, it’s obvious the Team is ready to kick things up a gear and show what they’ve been working hard on. If we take a look at a Roadmap posted by Constellation on Twitter, we can look forward to some major developments to finish of 2019 and bring the project screaming into 2020. From November onward we can see over 90+ Node Operators being onboarded, Demos of early application support and development docs released to developers and several iterations of Mainnet releases over November, December and January to further support new talent building on the platform. We’re especially excited to see what applications come out of the Constellation platform as wallets are developed, new use-cases are explored and Developers take the reigns and see what they can achieve. Overall we’re big fans of Constellation and the Community backing it and with a market cap of just over $7.4m at the time of writing (October 2019), we can see Constellation hitting over a $100m+ market cap in 2020 given everything continues to run as smooth as it has and the market starts to reward fundamentally strong projects regardless of Bitcoins direction.
  • We’re pretty happy to say that our only real concern with Constellation is the current race for adoption that they’re participating in with competitors such as Fantom, Hedera Hashgraph and a few other projects to a lesser extent. Constellation have been kicking goals lately with their Chainlink and US Air Force partnerships just in the past month or two and that’s far more impressive than anything we’ve seen from Fantom or Hashgraph in that period of time. While Constellation aren’t competing directly in terms of use-cases, there’s nothing really stopping other DAG based solutions from targeting those same use-cases and cornering into Constellations niche. At this rate we’re sure that Constellation will eventually separate themselves from their competitors to the point where their real partners and  real solutions stand out instead of the “potential” use-cases.
  • When Investors are looking to take a position in a project, often the hardest part of keeping that position later on is a lack of tangible products or developments that are visible to the public. Projects like Constellation are heavily focused on enterprise grade solutions and while that angle can produce some extraordinary partnerships, it rarely results in a Dapp or a “thing” people can wave around to brag about their projects developments. A large majority of these enterprise grade solutions will never be visible to the general public but so far, Constellation has been doing an excellent job communicating as best they can what they’re doing for their clients and partners. As long as marketing and PR are kept a high priority, Investors should be sitting pretty while the Team continues to put in the hard work.
  • No big red flags over here. Constellation is yet another project that knows what they want to do, have identified several clients that can utilize their technology and are slowly working their way forward to being a serious competitor to projects such as Fantom, Hedera Hashgraph and IOTA. All of these projects are relatively new to the scene and these types of projects heavily favor investors over traders due to the relatively fresh ideas they have and the industries they’re looking to disrupt. We know Constellation and its competitors are onto something, that much is obvious but Investors do need to keep an eye on what the competition is doing seeing as competitors in this space also started their journey at the same time. There’s a race to adoption here and it’s getting interesting.


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Powered by the Ethereum Network. Can be stored on any ERC20 compatible wallet e.g MyEtherWallet (Mainnet TBA)

Token Statistics


• Ticker: DAG
• Circ Supply: DAG
• Total Supply: 3,711,998,690 DAG
• Token Use: Services & Fees


The Team

Ben Jorgensen (CEO)
Wyatt Meldman-Floch (CTO)
Benjamin Diggles (Business Dev)


& Competitors

• Big Data & Security
• Tokenization & Distribution
• Competitors – Fantom, Holochain.

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