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Genesis Vision is the first platform for the private trust management market, built on Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts. Genesis Vision combines exchanges, brokers, traders and investors into a decentralized, open and honest network, making the financial market even more global.

The smart contract technology that underlies the platform will provide an automated and absolutely transparent system for investment and profit distribution. The Genesis Vision platform is the solution for the most crucial industry problems, such as limitedness due to the lack of information, lack of transparency and, consequently, lack of trust.

  • Build your own investment strategy from scratch or choose the most suitable for you from the wide list of categorized AI-generated Genesis Vision investment portfolios.
  • No more broker-bound enclosed systems. Genesis Vision provides unified source of reliable information and statistics. All brokers, exchanges, managers and investors of the world on one open and transparent platform!
  • To invest just choose your manager and simply buy the desired amount of their tokens. Process of investment and profit distribution is transparent and will be carried out by smart contracts.

“We unite exchanges, brokers, traders, and investors into a decentralized, open and fair network, making the financial market even more global. This will allow successful traders to rapidly scale their trading strategies by attracting investments from around the world.”



  • Genesis Vision is entering a multi-trillion dollar industry with huge amounts of money flowing in and out every day. To kick things off, Alexey Kutsenko is the CEO of Tools For Brokers. Tools For Brokers is a fintech company working exclusively with brokers and has around 300 brokers as clients. With access to experienced brokers, Genesis Vision skips a lot of the initial adoption issues that most projects face. If these brokers can get on board it’ll get the platform moving at a great pace. We do have slight concerns about the general business model in regards to possible regulatory issues that the team may face, but the team is advised by some extremely experienced people working in this industry. The Team probably expect some hurdles, no doubt their advisors will be great use here.
  • Beautiful Website. Super Easy Research for Investors. Extensive Documentation Including a Full Whitepaper and a Presentation for Investors who are after a summarized “pitch” version of the Whitepaper. Great Graphics. Well Structured and Presented. Manager & Investor web portals are already available and seem to be in full swing with the both portals being populated and in use.
  • Genesis Vision is really making an effort to have the platform be as accessible as possible. iOS Clients, Android Clients and Web Portals will allow Investors, Managers and Brokers to have instant access to the platform which is absolutely essential in an industry where things move extremely fast. Considering Genesis Vision is a first mover in this space, they aren’t holding any features back. Competitors are going to find it hard to create a solution with unique features.
  • Genesis Visions Github is very active. When we took a look (June 10th, 2018) and 5 repositories had updates made in the past 48 hours. iOS Client, Android Client, Web Portal and the Genesis Vision Core repositories are getting constant attention and development looks like it’s in full force. Great to see a project with such unique features publically developing on Github. So often we see projects hide their development usually out of fear that competitors will steal their code. Genesis Vision is obviously confident enough in their ability that this isn’t much of a concern.
  • From an investment standpoint, Genesis Vision shows incredible potential in terms of future value of the GVT token. We do have our concerns over the liquidity of the token due to the low supply but for investors who are not planning on using the GVT token and simply holding it, there isn’t much concern here. GVT is essential to the operation of the Genesis Vision platform making the token highly sought after. Lets face it, a lot of investors aren’t concerned with a utility of a token just yet.


  • Genesis Vision has some very advanced features and a business model that is very attractive to those who are or have been investors/brokers in traditional markets. With that being said, the barrier of entry for those who have no clue about “investing” is quite high. It’s pretty easy to chuck a few hundred dollars into a cryptocurrency and call yourself an “investor”, but real investors/brokers are far and few between especially in the cryptocurrency scene. Until we see real “institutional” money come into the market, Genesis Vision is a pretty premium product for the average person. We’re being picky with this concern and this is by no means a worry for the Genesis Vision platform itself.
  • A very low circulating supply of the GVT token considering the application. At the time of writing (June 10th, 2018) the circulating supply is sitting at 3,726,781 GVT. This type of application is definitely reliant on liquidity of the GVT token. Unfortunately with a circulating and total supply at such a low amount, there’s always a chance of investors simply sitting on their tokens and never using them for their actual purpose. Right now a lot of cryptocurrency investors are simply buying and holding for profit. This token needs to get into the hands of those who will use it if the ecosystem is to thrive. It’s worth noting that the GVT token is divisible to 18 decimals, in other words, you do not need a full 1 GVT token to participate in the platform (This could negate this concern to an extent. Time will tell)
  • No other concerns for the Genesis Vision platform. If we really had to list a third concern it’d be in regards to the potential regulations and “legal stuff” that usually gets in the way of Fintech applications such as this. Cryptocurrencies are still very new and Fintech applications such as Genesis Vision are really at the mercy of regulators and the “higher ups”. We have this concern with pretty much every Fintech app that we review because we’ve seen so many projects with loads of potential end up having to scale back due to regulatory stuff that we won’t attempt to get into here. Investors just need to keep on top of the news in this space.

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Powered by the Ethereum Network. Can be stored on any ERC20 compatible wallet e.g MyEtherWallet

Token Statistics


• Ticker: GVT
• Total Supply: 4,436,644
• Circulating Supply: 3,726,781
• Token Use: Services & Fees


The Team

Dmitry Nazarov (CEO, Co-founder)
Ruslan Kamensky (Co-founder)
Alexey Kutsenko (Co-founder)


& Competitors

• Financial Markets
• Fintech Apps
• Competitors – None At This Time

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