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NEO is a non-profit community-based blockchain project that utilizes blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets, to automate the management of digital assets using smart contracts, and to realize a “smart economy” with a distributed network. The technology underlying NEO supports multiple types of digital assets. Users can register, transfer and trade at will on NEO. Digital certificates are supported, placing trust into the public chain. This provides full legal protection for all assets digitized through the platform.

“Founded in 2014 and was real-time open source on GitHub in June 2015. Since its inception, the team has experienced the upsurge and boom of the blockchain industry and the frenzy and cooling of the digital money market. We believe technology drives progress and together we can create the future. Motivated by this, NEO has been created to shift our traditional economy into the new era of the “Smart Economy”. ”

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  • Dapp Platform With Smart Contracts
  • Boasts Unlimited Scalability
  • Passive Income Through GAS
  • Lawful Asset Registration
  • Largely Undervalued In Terms Of ROI Potential


  • China has a large influence. Regulation news usually sees large swings in market price.
  • Strict ICO standards. Although great for secure investments. Some startups may find it easier to build on Ethereum
  • No other concerns here. Long term hold for large ROI potential + GAS rewards.

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Token Details

Token Type

Network Token

Powered by the NEO Blockchain. Can be stored on any NEO compatible wallet e.g NeonWallet

Token Statistics


• Ticker: NEO
• Total Supply: 100,000,000
• Circulating Supply: 65,000,000
• Token Use: Fees, Transactions & Dapps.


The Team

Da Hongfei (Founder)
Erik Zhang (Developer)
Li Jianying (Developer)


& Competitors

• Dapp Platform
• Blockchain Network
• Competitors – Ethereum, ICX, Qtum, Lisk

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