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TheKey (TKY)

TheKey Is A Decentralized Ecosystem of An Identity Verification Tool Using National Big-data and Blockchain Technology

THEKEY Project Team is now developing an identification verification (IDV) tool with blockchain based dynamic multi-dimension identification (BDMI) by using Personally Identifiable Information (PII) which is exclusively authorized by government authorities.

By leveraging government’s PII and blockchain technology, in addition that the results generated from our IDV is neither denied nor altered, there are 3 undisputable advantages comparing to other existing IDV products:

  • More Reliable Results: The supporting data is gathered in real time, is comprehensive, accurate and reliable. The data is also validated in advance by government agencies or other public institutions.
  • Lower Cost: Full use of existing data sources. Avoidance of duplicate work for data collection, processing and authentication.
  • Better Experience: It is not necessary for individual users to install any application or upload any information.

“23 copyrights have been obtained, 15 patents have been accepted by SIPO (State Intellectual Property office of the P.R.C) and start attestation process. THEKEY’s first-generation IDV solution is currently in use for mobile social insurance pay in three pilot cities, which people can receive their payment for their pension, or healthcare insurance reimbursement. The IDV solution is currently being deployed in another 41 cities, covering more than 130 million people.”

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  • Thekey Boasts Close Relations with Institutional Industries Such as Banks, Insurance Companies and Universities. All Perfect Use Cases for Identity Verification Technology to Protect Both Users and the Bodies Providing Services.
  • Personal Identity Data of 210 Million People in 66 Cities, Authenticated by the Relevant Government Authorities, Are Connected on a Real-time Basis. The Relationship That Thekey Has with Chinese Government Adds Huge Promise to the Project and Adds a Point of Difference from Competitors like Selfkey And Civic.
  • Thekey Pilot Program Is Already Being Used in Two Chinese Cities for Health Insurance Payments and Pension Payments with the Plan to Scale out to More Cities. The Fact That Pension Payments Are Being Processed with Thekey Shows Strong Support from the Chinese Government.
  • Plenty of TKY Available To Power The Ecosystem. The Target Audience for Thekey Is Very Large and Inflation of the TKY Token Would Happen Pretty Quickly If the Supply Was Too Small. Looks like They’ve Found a Great Middle Ground Here.
  • Strong Strategic Partners Such as NEO, Changlong He (CEO of Qiwo) and a Host of Other Large Financial Institutions with a Huge Presence in China. It’s Clear That Thekey Is Extremely Trusted by Some High Profile Organizations in China.


  • In Regards to Competition, It’s Very Easy to Point of Selfkey and Civic as Clear Competitors. These Two Do Pose As Significant Competitors to Thekey in Certain Aspects Such as KYC and All-in-one Identity Solutions, but Thekey Has the Chinese Government on It’s Side. Having the Ability to Launch a Solution to Such a Huge Demographic Really Gives Thekey a Leg up Here.
  • Being Based in China, It Can Be Hard for Investors from Other Countries to Grasp the Impact or Progress That Thekey Is Having on the Population. This Isn’t a Direct Concern for Thekey but Investors Should Be Planning to Own TKY for the Long Term Due to the Large Scale Nature of the Project and the Currently Specific Demographic.
  • We’ve Found That a Lot of Projects Working in and Around China/Asia Are Easily Impacted by Regulatory Concerns and Government Rulings. September of 2017 Saw the Large Majority of Projects Based in China Take a Beating When Governments Cracked down on ICO’s and Cryptocurrencies in General. Investors Should Keep a Close Eye on Regulatory News in These Regions.

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Powered by the NEO Network. Can be stored on any NEP-5 compatible wallet e.g NeonWallet

Token Statistics


• Ticker: TKY
• Total Supply: 9,795,844,687
• Circulating Supply: 4,504,993,287
• Token Use: Services & Fees


The Team

Catherine Li (CEO)
Ken Huang (President)
Guochun Xu (CTO)


& Competitors

• Identity Verification
• Big Data
• Competitors – SelfKey, Civic

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