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Auger (REP)

Augur’s prediction markets provide powerful predictive data – you can think of the current market price of any share in any market as an estimate of the probability of that outcome actually occurring in the real world. For example, a share priced at 64 cents has a 64% probability of happening.

The accuracy of prediction markets rests in the idea of the “The Wisdom of the Crowd”. This states that the average prediction made by a group is superior to that made by any of the individuals in that group. Markets are the perfect way to aggregate this collective wisdom – which is made up of all the information, analysis and opinion held by members of the group. With these individuals buying and selling shares in the outcome of real-world events, based on their personal knowledge and opinion, the market prices reach an equilibrium that reflect the opinion of the entire group.

“Prediction markets have proven to be more accurate at forecasting the future than individual experts, surveys or traditional opinion polling. They provide real-time predictive data and are traded using real money – which incentivises market participants to reveal what they think will happen, rather than what they hope will happen. Traders are putting their money where their mouths are.”

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  • Very Low Circulating Supply
  • Long Standing Project. Reputable Devs.
  • Real Time Predictive Data Forecasting
  • Rewarding Correct Predictions
  • Clear Vision. Focused Team Working On One Product


  • Can be related to betting/gambling but is advertised as “forecasting”. Tokens are bet and rewarded on prediction results.
  • Beta platform took a very long time to release. Augur spent 12+ months with no working product.
  • Price action shows no independence from BTC/ETH pairings. Follows market trends up and down with those pairings.

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Token Details

Token Type


Powered by the Ethereum Network. Can be stored on any ERC20 compatible wallet e.g MyEtherWallet

Token Statistics


• Ticker: REP
• Total Supply: –
• Circulating Supply: 11,000,000
• Token Use: Rewards & Predictions


The Team

John Danz (Developer)
Ivan Petric (Marketing)
Vitalik Buterin (Advisor)


& Competitors

• Predictive Forecasting
• Betting/Gambling
• Competitors – Red Pulse, Cindicator

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