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DADI is a global, decentralized cloud platform, focused on the provision of web services to help you build, scale and grow your digital products. DADI’s web services are organized around a microservices architecture that provides a series of intelligent apps for building digital products.

Every digital product is powered by web services. Every business using the web can already leverage DADI technology for improved efficiency and performance, but soon the DADI network will be able to support these web services at a price point unimaginable today – some 90% cheaper than traditional cloud services such as AWS. Plus, anyone with a laptop, games console, mobile phone or any connected device will be able to earn income by providing spare computation capacity for rent.

  • A Fairer Internet – DADI is a peer-to-peer network owned by the people, shifting the balance of computational power away from large corporations
  • Faster & Cheaper – The DADI network offers improved efficiency and performance, saving up to 90% compared with traditional cloud services
  • Environmentally Friendly – Makes use of spare capacity from devices already in the home & office and is better for the environment than large server farms
  • Earn DADI Tokens – Anyone with a laptop, games console or any connected device can earn income by providing spare computation capacity for rent

“With DADI there is no single authority that regulates computing resource distribution. The platform uses cost-efficient fog computing organized by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) rather than a centralized cloud structure, removing the need to pay up front for private cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. This breaks the monopoly held by large organisations, bringing the balance of computational power back to the people – and significantly reducing the cost of such services.”


  • The $260 Billion+ Industry that is cloud hosting & web services is in desperate need of decentralization. Providers such as Amazon and Microsoft are taking huge cuts for centralized solutions that are, at the end of the day, fully controlled by them. Decentralizing these solutions not only increases service up-time, reliability and response time but also enables companies both big and small to save potentially millions of dollars a year in fees that are yet to be justified. Dadi provides a solution that not only rewards those who contribute to the network, but the users of the network as well.
  • Big names such as Virgin have already taken advantage of Dadi’s services. Dadi isn’t a “Startup” trying to grow some roots, Dadi was providing solutions long before they held their ICO (Token Sale). Projects in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space are often criticized for having “No use case” or “No real product” – Dadi is up and running, fully functional. It’s always great to see an already successful solution move over to the blockchain and take advantage of technology that will no doubt change the way we use the web.
  • To say that Dadi has been progressing nicely would be an understatement. Dadi is in the Top 5 most active crypto Githubs in terms of commits and releases in 2018. They’ve smashed through their roadmap goals one by one and have released Updates/Applications sometimes weeks and even months in advance. As well as being extremely active on the development side of things, Dadi has been quick to network with potential partners, Dadi has partnerships with the likes of Verasity, LBX, Wirehive, Agorai and more. Networking is an absolute must with this type of business model, it only takes one big player to start using Dadi and suddenly their competition will be taking advantage of the solution as well.
  • Fog computing is far faster than Traditional Cloud Services that use standard CDNs (Content Delivery Networks). CDNs, although reasonably reliable in regards to up-time and speed of delivery aren’t truly decentralized and are still susceptible to malicious attacks. Due to the nature of Blockchain technology, attacks are nearly impossible to initiate once a network has spread across hundreds/thousands of hosts as long as application/contract code is secure and audited.
  • Direct quote from the Dadi Team Page “DADI has assembled a world class engineering, strategic and design team with over 300 years of collective experience. The team is 18 strong – all full time. DADI today represents the culminiation of four years of R&D by the team and $2 million of direct investment by the founders.”. We don’t really need to comment on this quote, Dadi is in safe hands.


  • Big Competitors Such As Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft already control the cloud web services industry. Dadi is in a great position to take some the market away from the current centralized solutions but they’ll need to ensure that their marketing and networking abilities continue to stay top notch. The benefits of using Dadi are all there, the Team just needs to get the product in front of the right people. In saying this, we’ve already mentioned how well Dadi has done at Networking and Developing the product. Less of a concern, more of a “keep an eye out”. Investors should keep up to date with developments on Dadi’s Github
  • Security in the code is extremely important if users are going to store data of any kind on the platform. Decentralization is always more secure than having one central point of access but when you are dealing with potentially sensitive data, there will always be people willing to test a networks security.  Not a direct concern for Dadi as they’re engineering team is no doubt ware of the security concerns that come with data storage/distribution. The Dadi business model and data security go hand in hand.
  • We don’t have any major “Concerns” or “Red Flags” for Dadi. You might see some FUD going around about their Whitepaper being supposedly “copied” from another project, but the Team has been fully transparent and communicated with their investors with full disclosure that the issue was a simple oversight on their part. Social media played a big part in blowing that situation out of proportion.


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Token Details

Token Type


Powered by the Ethereum Network. Can be stored on any ERC20 compatible wallet e.g MyEtherWallet

Token Statistics


• Ticker: DADI
• Total Supply: 100,000,000
• Circulating Supply: 76,531,597


The Team

Joseph Denne (Founder & CEO)
Chris Mair (Co-Founder)
Paul Kingsley (CO Officer)


& Competitors

• Cloud & Web Services
• Data Storage
• Competitors – SONM

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