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Sentivate is the solution to the issues HTTP and DNS protocols continue to present as the internet expands into Web 3.0 applications and beyond. Sentivate proposes an entirely new internet which not only solves issues regarding scalability, usability and cost-prohibitive limitations of current systems, but offers a complete replacement of contemporary systems, browsers, languages, protocols, and platforms with increased security, speed, efficiency, accountability, trust, identity, capability, and reliability.

The issues that Sentivate are concerned with are issues that sit below the surface level and are not taken into account by the general public. Issues and values that aren’t respected by surface level users are often swept to the side by those who seek to profit from it. Sentivate looks to bring the internet back into the hands of users and provide a solution to issues that need to be fixed sooner rather than later.

  • Vision – “We must utilize both sides of the same coin, while revolutionizing core technologies. A solely centralized or decentralized web can’t solve this issue alone. A revolutionary replacement for today’s web is a system that is centralized focused that’s enhanced by decentralized components. Both sides of the coin working together to fully maximize the Internet’s potential.”
  • Power – “Sentivate breaks through the scalability, censorship, & availability constraints of centralized networks. Sentivate’s web is centralized focused but enhanced with decentralized systems. Viat is decentralized focused & enhanced by centralized opt-in features. We are all about using the right tool for the job”.
  • Viability – “We must be realistic if we are to replace the Web. The web’s centralized aspects hold many positive attributes. However, integrating decentralized technologies, replacing existing components, and introducing new revolutionary systems are crucial steps to establishing a Universal Web. Sentivate is designed to be superior in every way over the current web.”

“Sentivate is a Hybrid Web built to be a viable & realistic replacement for the modern web. Faster, safer & more scalable than any solely centralized or decentralized web.”


  • Sentivate is an exciting project focused on revolutionizing the way the internet operates. Sentivate are tackling issues that are prevalent to webmasters, developers and large internet companies, but not so visible to end users that are simply online to see what their friends are up to or to make a quick purchase. The issues that protocols such as HTTP and DNS are bringing to the wider infrastructure will eventually reach a boiling point and Sentivate is looking to provide a solution before that happens. Sentivate brings accountability, security, speed, flexibility and scalability to an internet that hasn’t improved to keep up with demand in the past few decades, despite the increased reliance that we have on it as time goes on. With an increase in reliance on the protocols behind the world wide web comes the ugly truth that HTTP and DNS simply don’t cut it anymore. Sentivate detail a complete overhaul in their whitepaper and it’s an overhaul that could be massive if successful. 
  • The Sentivate Roadmap is released in 3 month intervals and previous milestones remain on the page for your research. Sentivate have a lot of work ahead of them but so far everything visible on the current roadmap has been ticked off which is a big deal in an industry that has seen projects slowly delete their own whitepapers due to teams not being able to keep the promises they made years prior. Sentivate has recently begun on-boarding developers, companies and recruiting ambassadors & marketing partners to build a community around Sentivate of which has already grown a great amount over the course of 2020. Not only is the community behind Sentivate growing but the value of SNTVT tokens appear to be in correlation with that same growth. SNTVT tokens saw a low of $0.0004 USD back in March 2020 and a recent high of $0.0029 at the time of writing, a seven fold increase in value. Considering the market cap of SNTVT is currently sitting at $7 million, the possibility for SNTVT to increase another 10x, 20x and beyond wouldn’t be out of the question at all, especially considering the scope of what they’re doing.
  • The technology behind Sentivate is pretty unique. The use of both centralized and decentralized systems ensures that users aren’t inconvenienced by systems they aren’t familiar with. We’ve said time and time again across various project reviews that in order to garner adoption of a solution, that solution shouldn’t put any burden on the end user. Sentivate looks to change the “behind the scenes” part of the internet which starts with domain name registrars and certificates responsible for providing browsers with handshakes where both parties agree that the information they’re providing is indeed what it claims to be. With the added security Sentivate intend to implement, users will be able to navigate the internet using a single “Universal Identity” that eliminates the need for username and passwords of which have been in use for decades and still enable breaches and security issues for companies around the world. Read more about how Sentivate assigns identities and secures the network through cryptography. The more you read into what Sentivate is looking to achieve, the more you ask “why hasn’t this been done before” and the more you realize the need for big changes like this regardless of how long it may take. We highly recommend looking further into the technical side of Sentivate including what the plan to do with hApps and other solutions with the aim of not only making the internet more secure but far more efficient for both end users and developers.
  • The Team behind Sentivate are perfect for the task at hand. Sentivate didn’t need to hold an ICO or raise funds from everyday Investors like you would expect, instead they’re working on the tried and respected method of securing a portion of the tokens for their Team and making the best product they can, causing the token value to reflect real progress. Sentivate also have a good grasp and understanding of what the cryptocurrency community is looking for in a project driven by solid fundamentals, bringing on the likes of popular analysts Scott Melker and StackingUSD as Advisors, to name a few. At the time of writing Sentivate lists three Founders, five Advisors and eight Team Members including those responsible for business development, administration and technical developers. There is very little doubt surrounding whether the Team will have the resources to go forward with their vision. So many projects that popped up in 2017 and 2018 have run out of funds due to mishandling of ICO funds, something Sentivate doesn’t have to worry about due to the project being self funded.
  • Overall, Sentivate is an excellent addition to any Investors long-term portfolio. Although we have listed some concerns surrounding the scale of what the Sentivate Team is trying to achieve, their solution is one that is absolutely required but simply needs time. The Team is more than capable of getting their products into the right hands and their marketing & networking skills are a testament to that. If you’re looking to get more hands-on with Sentivate, now is an excellent time to do so. Head over to their Downloads page and check out the Universal Web Browser Alpha and check out their Wiki to learn a bit more about the Sentivate Browser, Universal Web, Viat tokens and more. Sentivate is one of the more unique projects we’ve reviewed here and one that we’re sure we’ll see a lot more from over the next 6-12 months.


  • Tackling the issues surrounding DNS and HTTP protocols is on one hand an excellent use of resources considering the size of the market affected by downtime, outages, etc but on the other hand a herculean task when you consider the pieces that would have to come together to build out the infrastructure and encourage the majority to adopt new protocols and methods. It’s hard to argue with Sentivates mission statement and overall vision for what they want to achieve, the technology backing the internet as we know it hasn’t improved to handle the massive increase in traffic and required bandwidth to keep up with demand. The concern here is less about the idea and vision and more about the power required to enact the change Sentivate envisions. With the right partners and networking this concern could be chipped away at as hurdles are overcome.
  • The only other mild concern we have is towards the token model behind Sentivate. SNTVT is the traded token at the time of writing but the term “SNTVT” appears nowhere in Sentivates whitepaper. Their website explains that the SNTVT token is intended to provide access to “early stages of the Sentivate Network, development process & voting” but apart from voting power and early access to features on the network, the SNTVT token appears to only be useful for conversion to “Viat” tokens which will swapped at a 1000:1 ratio after Sentivates web launches and Viat is enabled. Viat will act as the cryptocurrency powering exchange on the Sentivate network. Viat is mentioned several times throughout the Sentivate whitepaper and has a clear use-case. For Investors looking for a longer term hold, the purchase and eventual conversion from SNTVT to Viat will be no issue.
  • No other real concerns here. The few concerns listed here are related to the scale of the issues the team at Sentivate is tackling. The solutions are solid and the benefits over current systems and architecture can’t be argued, but it’s a matter of adoption. We’ve reviewed several projects looking to enhance or change the way the traditional internet is distributed, accessed, navigated, etc, but those solutions require mass adoption to remain viable to the minority using them. Sentivate has some excellent branding and marketing power which is an essential part of getting products and solutions into the hands of those that can help build out the infrastructure and foster real change. We’ve seen countless “new internet” projects come and go over the past few years but Sentivate have the right values and the level-headed attitude that is essential to longevity.


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Powered by the Ethereum Network. Can be stored on any ERC20 compatible wallet e.g MyEtherWallet

Token Statistics


• Ticker: SNTVT
• Circulating Supply: 1,700,000,000
• Total Supply: 4,200,000,000
• Token Use: Services & Fees


The Team

Thomas Marchi (Co-founder & Dev)
Matt Karasiewicz (Co-Founder)
Lew Knopp (Co-founder & SEAL)


& Competitors

• Decentralized Internet
• Decentralized Applications
• Competitors – Blockstack, Various

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