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Icon (ICX)

The ICON Network is comprised of various institutions ranging from: financial institutions, insurance companies, hospitals, universities and more.

ICON is scalable not only to public blockchains(e.g. bitcoin, ethereum) but also private/permissioned, and other interchain blockchain networks. ICON will be in the center of connecting different blockchains to build a more valuable and scalable network.

A transparent governance system and artificial intelligence (AI) guided incentive system is at the core of ICON’s sustainable network. Through the mutual trust earned with our system, C-Reps and Nodes will actively contribute to the ICON community.

“In December of 2017, ‘BIA(Blockchain Interoperability Alliance)’ which functions as a linkage between independent blockchain networks has been formed. ICON, AION, and Wanchain, as the leading parties in this alliance, have collaborated their efforts and have shared their research for a common goal of developing inter-operational standards for interchain network and protocol architectures. The true potential of decentralized system lies in the fact that it can be infinitely expanded once the problems regarding scalability and inter-communication between blockchains are resolved. ”

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  • Blockchain Interoperability Is Essential For Adoption In Large Industries.
  • Transparent Governance System & Artificial Intelligence Based Incentive System.
  • Great ICX Supply Considering Usage. Mass Adoption Shouldn’t Cause Huge Inflation.
  • Working With AION & Wanchain As Leading Parties In The Blockchain Interoperability Alliance.
  • Price Action Shows Independence From ETH/BTC Pairings. Stays Reasonably Strong Through Market Downtrends


  • Communication with investors/holders is lacking. Token swap to Mainnet was delayed along with other simple miscommunications. Not a huge deal, though.
  • Suffers from hype & FOMO based price increases. Investment entry points are hard to gauge. Not Icon’s problem but something to consider.
  • Regulatory fears regarding ICOs in Korea. Be on top of news developments regarding this issue. Korean markets move very fast after regulatory announcements.

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Token Details

Token Type

Network Token

Powered by the Icon Network. Can be stored on any compatible wallet e.g ICONex

Token Statistics


• Ticker: ICX
• Total Supply: 400,230,000
• Circulating Supply: 387,042,508
• Token Use: Dapps & Currency


The Team

Jay Park (CTO)
HangJin Kim (CBO)
YG Lim (Project Manager)


& Competitors

• Blockchain Interoperability
• Dapp Platform
• Competitors – NEO, Ethereum, Ark

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