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Dfinity Is A blockchain computer with unlimited capacity, incredible performance and algorithmic governance, shared by the world — Cloud 3.0

  • The DFINITY project was formed to research ways of enabling public decentralized networks to host a virtual computer of unlimited capacity. This rests upon a new blockchain computer that is similar in concept to Ethereum but has vastly improved performance and, ultimately, unlimited capacity. The starting requirement was that the systems developed should be useful in joining 1 million or more mining clients.
  • While many private networks will be run by corporations, adding some services will be beyond their practical budgets and expertise. For example, a supply chain system designed to connect suppliers and help them raise trade financing against invoices might usefully incorporate stable currency, identity, arbitration and haulage market functionality. DFINITY allows open versions of such services to be created on its public chain, and then incorporated by private networks in the form of building blocks.
  • DFINITY introduces algorithmic governance in the form of a “Blockchain Nervous System” that can protect users from attacks and help restart broken systems, dynamically optimize network security and efficiency, upgrade the protocol and mitigate misuse of the platform, for example by those wishing to run illegal or immoral systems.

“DFINITY is building a new kind of public decentralized cloud computing resource. Our vision is one of Internet 3.0, in which the fabric of the Internet starts to act as a giant computer with radical new properties that could be extraordinarily disruptive. Enterprise IT systems running on this computer will be unstoppable and won’t need to involve complex components such as databases, backup and restore systems.”

  • Rock Solid Team. Some Great Minds Behind This Project With Team Members Having Worked With Google And Having History In Other Large Scale Computing Solutions. Website Shows a Team of 29 Members Spaninng R&D, Operations Which Is a Great Amount for a New Project or ICO.
  • Beautiful Website. Super Easy Research for Investors. Extensive Documentation. Great Graphics. Well Structured and Presented.
  • Dfinity Provides Investors with an Explainer Video Which Is Beautifully Animated and Explains the Platform Well. This Sort of Platform Is so In-depth That Some People May Not Understand Without a Visual Explanation. The President Also Hosts A TestNet Demo Which Is Great To See.
  • Github Progress Is Very Impressive. With over 30 Repos and 18 Team Members Working On Commits at the Time of Writing (April 2018). Github Activity Is Not An Issue Here, Its Clear That These Guys Are Working Hard In The Background.
  • New Competitors Are Going to Find It Hard to Compete Quickly Due To The Large Scale Of The Platform. Dfinity Is Creating a Platform That Is Not Easily Copied Due to the Extent of the Features They Are Developing. With That Being Said, There Are Competitors Like Cardano Who Have Already Got Plenty Of The Same Features.
  • Extremely High Market Cap Sitting at Around $2 Billion. If You Factor in the $90,000,000 Fundraising Goal for Pre-sale Which Is Only 4.75% of All Dfinity Tokens, You Reach This Figure. We Have a Hard Time Seeing Justification for This Extraordinary Market Cap Straight out of ICO.
  • Dfinity Haven’t Communicated Well with Potential Investors at the Time Of Writing (April 2018). During Our Research We’ve Seen Dfinity Communities Debating ICO Dates, Token Supply and Other Token Metrics with No Official Word Provided to Clear up Confusion.
  • Competitors like Cardano Are Very Fierce with a Much Wider Range of Features and Network Abilities. Dfinity Is Going to Need to Put Themselves Ahead of These Competitors Straight Away Because Projects like Cardano Are Not Slowing down by Any Means and Will Continue to Push Forward with Their Roadmaps as Usual. Despite the above Concerns, Dfinity Has an Awesome Team Behind It and We’re Confident in Their Abilities.
Whitelist: Yes (TBA)
ICO Token Price: TBA
Excluded Countries: TBA
Bonuses: TBA
Tokens For Sale: TBA
Min/Max Cap: TBA
Accepts: ETH
ICO Period: April/May (No Set Dates)


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Token Details

Token Type

Network Token

Powered by the Dfinity Network. Can be stored on any Dfinity compatible wallet released after token distribution

Token Statistics


• Ticker: DFN
• Total Supply: TBA
• Fundraising Goal: $90,000,000
• Token Use: Services & Fees


The Team

Dominic Williams (President)
Timo Hanke (Engineering)
Ben Lynn (Scientist)


& Competitors

• Blockchain Performance
• Cloud Computing
• Competitors – Cardano, Tezos, Rchain

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