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Enigma (ENG)

Scalable privacy for every blockchain. Enigma is a privacy protocol that enables truly decentralized applications and unlocks the value of blockchains. The Enigma protocol will power an ecosystem of truly decentralized, world-changing applications.

The promise of Enigma lies in its unique technology that protects privacy of data while still allowing for computation over that data. Based on an MIT thesis, the Enigma protocol is a second-layer network that can work with any blockchain. Nodes in the Enigma network do not see the data they compute over, yet they can publicly prove that they have run a computation correctly. This opens the door for a new type of smart contracts — “secret contracts,” where the underlying data processed in the contract remains encrypted at all times.

“Our vision is to enable developers to build winning investment strategies, a strong track record and attract investment from community investors. Catalyst is a playground where developers, quants, and experienced traders can easily build, simulate, and eventually live trade cryptocurrencies using sophisticated programmatic strategies. Regular investors can then invest directly in winning strategies through our system. With this, we’re hoping to make smart-investing in this new emerging asset class accessible to everyone.”

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  • Interoperability & Blockchain Agnostic Solutions Are Showing Their Value As Businesses Take Interest In The Technology.
  • Able To Transmit Private, Sensitive Data Across Blockchains
  • Secret Contracts Allows The Data Inside Of A Contract To Be Processed While Staying Encrypted
  • Enigma’s “Catalyst” Application Is Already In Use.
  • Strong Team Full Of MIT Graduates. Software Development Looks To Be A Very Strong Point Across The Team.


  • Competitors such as ICON are working in the same space but seem to be targeting more avenues with broader goals. Enigma looks to have a strong vision for privacy and scalibility with their platform.
  • No other concerns here. Enigma is a project we are watching closely. Everything is looking A+ so far and we believe ENG has incredible ROI potential over the next 1-2 years and beyond. This is not a short term flip.

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Token Details

Token Type


Powered by the Ethereum Network. Can be stored on any ERC20 compatible wallet e.g MyEtherWallet

Token Statistics


• Ticker: ENG
• Total Supply: 150,000,000
• Circulating Supply: 74,836,171
• Token Use: Fees, Computations, Purchases


The Team

Guy Zyskind (CEO Co-Founder)
Can Kisagun (Co-Founder)
Victor Grau Serrat (Senior SE)


& Competitors

• Secret Contracts
• Privacy & Scalability
• Competitors – ICON

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