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Very few gamers are fortunate and skillful enough to make a full-time living from their passion. Meanwhile, casual players do not earn anything and this is detrimental to the ecosystem. ESE will empower all Gamers by creating a digital currency for the eSports ecosystem which will complement the current fiat payout structure and reward not just the top echelon of players but also reward casual players.

Get rewarded for being a part of the eSports Ecosystem! Gamers can now be rewarded even if they are just a casual player. Earn ESE tokens, hold on to them, and passively make more with our one of a kind staking rewards and loyalty nodes.

  • Staking Rewards – Staking Rewards allow you to receive additional tokens passively by simply keeping your ESE tokens in the official ESE mobile wallet app. It will automatically accumulate additional ESE daily. See whitepaper for details.
  • ESE Loyalty Nodes – This program is to reward the loyal. If you accumulate and hold enough ESE tokens to reach any of the 5 tiers, you will be rewarded extra bonus percentages on top of the Staking Rewards. See whitepaper for details.

“Our mission is to be the standard cryptocurrency for all of eSports. We will sponsor players, teams and tournaments and we will increase the existing cash prize pools by adding ESE tokens! We will empower gamers!”


  • In 2017 the eSports industry was valued at approximately $500 Million USD. In 2019, this number is expected to double to $1 Billion+. eSports is gaining recognition worldwide as a legitimate sport which is well deserved. The players are training, working hard and performing for an audience at the end of the day. Despite this fast growth, we’re seeing the access barrier for eSports competitions get higher and higher with full-time Gamers having the edge over casual gamers who may not have the same time/resources to practice their craft. Players who have been “in the game” longer than those who are just starting are sweeping up the prizes over and over again. eSports Ecosystem brings with it a host of features designed to not only assist with the worldwide adoption of eSports but to enable those who’ve just started gaming competitively to be rewarded, despite how well they place. eSports Ecosystem believes you shouldn’t need to place 1st, 2nd or 3rd just to be rewarded for your hard work.
  • eSports Ecosystem brings their ESE token. By holding/staking ESE, users are rewarded regardless of the amount of they hold, although Loyalty Nodes are available for those holding above a tiered amount of ESE. The token model behind ESE is what we find to be quite interesting. Despite what some would see as a lack of features/functions, the ESE token is actually very rewarding for everybody involved. Users who purchase the ESE token can hold onto it and appreciate more tokens over time. Brands and companies wishing to reward their players/competitors with ESE will need to purchase these tokens from the market. Players/competitors are then introduced into the ecosystem and they too now have the opportunity to receive staking/loyalty rewards. This enables even the player sitting in 10th, 20th, even 50th place to gain a piece of the prize pool and enjoy an  Ecosystem where their initial prize will grow as they hold onto it.
  • eSports Ecosystem has partnered up with EVO (Evolution Championship Series), the largest and longest-running fighting game tournaments in the world and will inject a ESE prize pool into the 2019 games. The fact that eSports Ecosystem was able to secure a partnership with EVO says a lot about the Teams marketing and networking abilities which is especially important in an industry where a lot of people honestly don’t think a Cryptocurrency is needed. eSports Ecosystem has the opportunity to show these people that not only is it just another opportunity for the industry to grow, but it’s also enabling players who are just starting to game competitively to grab a piece of the rewards due to large and easily managed prize pools. A partnership with EVO is a huge leg up and an awesome way to gain exposure.
  • We’re not done discussing the important partnerships that eSports Ecosystem boasts. Lap Chi Duong (eSports Ecosystem CEO) is also the CEO of Canada Cup Gaming, one of the largest eSports companies in Canada. Because of this close relationship with Canada Cup, the Team have an incredible opportunity to help ESE gain worldwide awareness, adoption and acceptance within the eSports ecosystem. We’re going to go ahead and say that 2019 will be an exciting year for the Team with so many opportunities for exposure and growth. Partnerships are incredibly important for a project like this and the Team have shown that they understand this. Alongside their partnerships with EVO and the Canada Cup, the Team are also have the support of Memory Express and the Achain Foundation.
  • eSports Ecocsystem is dedicated to improving every aspect of eSports as it stands today. They’ve committed to spending 21% of the ESE Community Wallet per year (Total 1,700,000,000 ESE) on a wide range of things inside of the eSports industry. eSports Ecosystem will be adding to prize pools, sponsoring eSports Events not to mention whole Teams and Players, holding contests/raffles/giveaways, sponsoring video game developers, giving to charity events, the list goes on. Getting the ESE token out into the hands of those who are part of this industry is incredibly important to the success of not only eSports Ecosystem but to improving the industry as a whole. It’s great to see such a sizeable amount of ESE supply dedicated to this.


  • The only main concern we have about the eSports Ecosystem is the actual use-case for the ESE token, at least to the eyes of an investor who may not be knowledgeable in the eSports industry. If you jump into the Whitepaper, the two major features of the ESE token are for staking/earning and loyalty. Some people will be looking for a bit more of a “Functional” token but if you take a step back you’ll realize that a sort of “Loop” will occur in the ecosystem. Users buy and hold ESE in return for staking rewards. In order for brands to fund ESE rewards for players, they’re going to need to buy these tokens off of people who are holding them, with ESE being a Cryptocurrency, the market sets the price. The winners of these competitions are rewarded and given ESE tokens, coming back to the “holding” part of the loop. Not a bad token model, just not too obvious from a first glance. You would hope that Investors take the time to do a bit of research into how the token can improve the eSports Industry, but hey, this is crypto after all and people like information spoon-fed to them. The token can also obviously be sent from user to user and the Team are planning on using 21% of the Community Wallet each year to fund Events, Merchandise, Sponsorships, Prize Pools, Developers, etc.
  • Being one of the first movers, eSports Ecosystem will need to be somewhat aggressive in their adoption plan. They don’t have anybody of a high profile to learn from in regards to existing projects but they DO have partnerships with big eSports organizations such as EVO and Canada Cup. First movers need to design the game plan and hope that the audience play it out as it was intended. The Team behind the eSports Ecosystem are experienced in both blockchain tech and eSports as a whole, so the knowledge is definitely there. We’ll see how they execute their strategy.
  • At the time of writing (September 2018), the eSports Ecosystem Roadmap is pretty short and not very detailed. January will see Staking and Loyalty Nodes go Live and March will see the Team “build their own blockchain.” Their are plenty of “TBA”s and future milestones without dates attached but the roadmap will no doubt undergo some updates once the Team has the funding to progress. We’d love to see some more research resources from these guys, The Whitepaper they provide is only about 15 pages long once you take out the disclaimers and other fillers. Not a whole lot shown on the technical side of things but the information they have provided is about enough for the average investor to get a grasp on their vision, and that’s the aim. We’d love to see a Github Repo become available or made public. Investors in newer projects are quick to check out the development timeline/activity in order to gauge progress.

Whitelist: Yes (Join)
KYC: Yes
ICO Price: Presale: $0.0019 | Public: $0.0039
Excluded Countries: N/A
Bonuses: Daily & ACT Bonus (View)
Tokens For Sale: 50.6%
Min/Max Cap: N/A
Accepts: ACT, ETH, BTC, USDT
ICO Period: Public: Oct 10th – Dec 2018 | Presale: Sept 15th- Oct 5th 2018


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Token Details

Token Type

ATP2.0 Token

Powered by the Achain Network. Can be stored on any ACT compatible wallet e.g Official Wallets

Token Statistics


• Ticker: ESE
• Total Supply: 10,000,000,000
• Fundraising Goal: $22,147,000
• Token Use: Loyalty & Prizes


The Team

Lap Chi Duong (CEO)
Peter Nguyen (President)
Matt Engel (Com. Advisor)


& Competitors

• eSports Ecosystems
• Gaming & Entertainment
• Competitors – No Serious Competition, Relatively New Market.

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