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Etherparty is a platform of blockchain software products. Our mission is to simplify the creation of agreements between people around the world, with user-friendly design.

Check out the various products EtherParty is working on:

  • Rocket – Launch a token distribution event in a matter of minutes with the most comprehensive, end-to-end solution in today’s blockchain market. Rocket’s all-in-one solution includes everything you need from consultation, development, marketing and more.
  • Comet – Comet is a platform for launching Security Tokens and assets. Easily digitize your shares and connect with accredited investors worldwide – Comet allows investors to buy, sell, and manage security tokens all in one ecosystem.
  • Hero – Hero is an upcoming project with aims to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to charitable giving. This product is currently in research and early development. (November 2018)
  • Saturn – Labelled as a “game changer” for supply chain management, Saturn is an upcoming product which will open access to adoption of blockchain technology as a solution for the management of the flow of goods and services.

“We create intuitive smart contract solutions to bring the world to blockchain technology, catalyzing ideas that will reshape how we transact, interact, and connect.”

  • EtherParty fits in to what’s usually called the BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) sector of Blockchain Projects. As the benefits of Blockchain technology become more and more obvious to Companies and Organisations around the world, they’ll eventually want to join in. These Companies often don’t have any experience with Blockchain and at this point in time Developers familiar with coding languages such as Solidity, etc aren’t as readily available as say a HTML or PHP developer. Projects such as EtherParty help bridge the gap here by offering their services in exchange for the use of their token. Clients must use the FUEL token to perform various actions on the EtherParty platform which gives the token a great utility and a real incentive for clients to buy, use and hold the token. 
  • EtherParty isn’t starting from the ground up here. Like many other projects in this space, the project evolved from a more centralized BaaS business model. In this case, The Vanbex Group. The Vanbex Group consults on Digital Currencies, Blockchain Protocols and Decentralized Technology. Having worked with projects such as Enjin, Factom, Storj, Dash, Augur and many more well known Cryptocurrencies, they’re no strangers to the idea of a well designed token/business model and how to go about marketing it to a wide audience. If EtherParty requires anything to garner adoption it’s a well experienced Marketing strategy and from what we can see, The Vanbex Group is one of the best out there.
  • The Team behind EtherParty is extremely well suited to the project. If you’re looking for a project with a Team fully competent in blockchain technology, EtherParty has it packed up. Lisa Chang (Founder & R&D) spent time as a Large Enterprise Account Executive at SAP in Vancouver in charge of Account Management and Business Development into Strategic Industries valued over $500M in Revenue. Working with Blockchain Technology back as far as 2013 with Organisations such as The Mastercoin Foundation, Ethereum and The Vanbex Group. | Kevin Hobbs (CEO) has been with The Vanbex Group since 2015 and has been involved with delivering strategic business consulting and marketing activities for early stage and venture backed companies in the Blockchain industry. | We could go on here but it’s better if you check out all of the talent on their Team Page
  • Security testing is something that is obviously absolutely necessary when it comes to Smart Contracts. We’ve seen what can happen when Smart Contracts contain vulnerabilities whether it’s the cause of poor coding or bad actors (*cough* Oyster *cough*). Seeing as EtherParty is in the business of enabling easy access to Smart Contracts with pre-made templates and drag/drop builders, it’s more important than ever to have secure, audited code. EtherParty have got this covered, already having their Smart Contracts audited and passed by CoinFabrik and Iosiro.
  • Smart Contracts are quickly becoming an incredibly easy way to cut out unnecessary middlemen, save time, money and get rid of 3rd parties in charge of choosing “yes” or “no”. Unfortunately Ethereum didn’t come with pre-built templates or a quick start guide that the average person can understand which is what makes EtherParty pretty exciting. Sure, there’s competition propping up in this particular sector but EtherParty is definitely ahead of the curve here. Not only are they providing Smart Contracts to the average user, they’re even going as far as providing a platform to facilitate the purchase and sale of Security Tokens and Assets through the same Smart Contract technology as well as developing a Supply Chain module which will enable companies to track products & event history. They’re covering some serious ground here and could pose a threat to a lot of projects in various sectors of the blockchain space.
  • We don’t have any real major concerns. No big red flags at least. If we had to have one main concern it would be with the longevity of the project in terms of it’s reliance on the Ethereum Blockchain to remain the dominant Smart Contract platform. We’ve all seen how Ethereum can grind to a halt under load and unfortunately this goes on to slow down all of the operations being performed by the various Decentralized Applications running on the network. Until we see Ethereum upgrades such as Sharding come into play, projects such as EtherParty will be held back by this bottleneck. This isn’t EtherPartys fault at all, just the technical limitations of Ethereum at this point in time (November 2018). Clients using EtherParty will be expecting things to “just work”, and if operations take several minutes to execute, that may get messy. Not a huge concern for the EtherParty project itself.
  • This space is becoming more and more populated as Companies and Organisations become more interested in Blockchain technology. There’s nothing wrong with competition in this sector but it’s not as rare as it was a few years ago. Expect more Teams to enter this space whether it be on the Ethereum Blockchain or another Smart Contract platform.
  • No other real concerns here. EtherParty is targeting a few different sectors in this space which opens them up to further competition, but that was always going to be part of the deal. There’s developing discussions about the legal liability developers may/should have when it comes to developing secure Smart Contracts and who would be responsible for a critical error in a contract should these contracts be used in major ways such as enterprise applications. It’s a developing space, so watch closely and do your own research along the way.
Price Predictions
  • Please note: This Price Prediction section was a feature voted on by our community on Twitter. We do not stand by any of the following statements, we are merely speculating. We have been known to be pretty bullish on most projects we review, so take our predictions and DYOR.
  • As always, we like to take a step back and look at projects from a purely investment based perspective. FUEL will no doubt see a ton of organic price growth through exchange listings and planned marketing in the future, any investments now would have a pretty good chance of appreciating from these catalysts, although any investment in such a new project comes with risk. Now sitting just under a $7m Market Cap after coming down from an All Time High market cap of $210m back at the peak of the bull market (Dec/Jan 2018), FUEL still has a huge amount of growth potential in the long term based on fundamentals. With the endless possibilities that Smart Contracts present to Businesses, Organisations and other Enterprise clients, the value of FUEL could skyrocket if we see a number of big Clients take advantage of Smart Contracts through the EtherParty Platform. Once Blockchain Technology can separate itself from the typical “Cryptocurrency” buzzword, these BaaS services will become more legitimate in the eyes of those who aren’t familiar or don’t want to deal with Bitcoin, etc.
  • Short term (< 3 Months) We think FUEL could be sitting anywhere from $0.01 to $0.04.
  • Mid Term (6 – 12 Months) we think FUEL could be a stable $0.05 to $0.10, especially if the market turns around in the next few months.
  • Anywhere past 12 months would be impossible to accurately speculate on but we’d be confident on a $0.25+ FUEL in 1+ years, especially if we see clients start utilizing EtherPartys Platform. The current FUEL supply is just over 520,000,000 Million (November 2018), so a $0.25 FUEL would equate to a $130 Million Market Cap.
  • As with any investment into a low-cap project such as FUEL, you absolutely must do your own research. We are by no means providing financial advice. Be smart!


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Token Details

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Powered by the Ethereum Network. Can be stored on any ERC20 compatible wallet e.g MyEtherWallet

Token Statistics


• Ticker: FUEL
• Circulating Supply: 528,478,202
• Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
• Token Use: Services & Fees


The Team

Lisa Cheng (Founder/R&D)
Kevin Hobbs (CEO)
Shery Sumal (Designer)


& Competitors

• Smart Contracts
• Multipurpose Platforms
• Competitors – Various competitors due to wide range of applications.

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