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Born for DApps, use-case driven. Build the new ecosystem of the Internet of Things.

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INT is the world’s first bottom up new-generation blockchain of things (BoT) communication standard and base application platform. The ecosystem is specifically designed for easy integration with any IoT protocol.

The core principle of INT’s public chain development is to align its network functions with real-world applications. This use case driven approach ensures that the design and innovation of the INT public chain architecture evolves to meet new and current IoT application scenarios.

  • Use case driven approach – The core principle of INT’s public chain development is to align its network functions with real-world applications. This use case driven approach ensures that the design and innovation of the INT public chain architecture evolves to meet new and current IoT application scenarios.
  • Custom smart contract development – INT uses tailored smart contracts and cross-chain protocol technology in a public chain environment to achieve broader application development for different devices. It also allows for a lower threshold of BoT application development and promotes more flexible real-world use cases.
  • Leading application development framework – INT provides a set of integrated and optimized SDN, blockchain and fog computing technologies that follow the “cycle progressive application” model (i.e. application verification, R&D optimization, application implementation and iterative verification). INT uses these development techniques to promote the implementation of scenario applications for its partners such as Zhejiang Telecom, ZTE and HICC.

“To both improve and encourage device interconnectivity, we have built an economy driven ecosystem by providing token-incentives through a decentralized TCP/IP based architecture of IoT. This new business model, molded by IoT devices, will support an entirely new ecosystem of the Internet of Things.”

  • INT Chain is a project looking to tackle the way devices communicate and function with one another in a decentralized manner. In our increasingly hyperconnected world it’s starting to become clear that the next logical step for device interactivity is to have these devices work with one another. It’s no good to have a Smart Car, Smart House and Smartphone if they aren’t communicating with each other in a way that makes your way of living more efficient. INT Chain looks to build, in short, a blockchain operating system that IoT Devices will run on as a way of bridging the gap between hardware, through software. A lot of this is happening in and around Asia with big names such as ZTE, China Telecom, Ruff already having partnered with INT Chain. it’s clear that with the advancements in 5G technology and everyday devices becoming “smart”, a solution like INT Chain is absolutely necessary in utilizing these devices to their fullest, creating a more connected world where devices seamlessly function with one another as if they’re part of one giant network.
  • The high performance blockchain powering INT Chain has a myriad of features that allow developers looking to enable real world use-cases full utilization of blockchain technology and through the use of tailored smart contracts and a cross-chain protocol enables developers to cater for a massive range of devices that traditionally speak different languages, the possibilities are huge. INT Chain also has an extremely attractive Node Plan which incentives hosts who enable transactions on the network. We’re not about to dive into the super technical aspects of the project here but please do so yourself. From a fundamental point of view, they’ve got their bases covered and more. Decentralization is obviously a huge importance to INT Chain and the use of various and innovative technologies shows this.
  • The Team behind INT Chain is by far one of the most impressive aspects of this project. Considering the scope of an Internet of Things (IoT) project there’s an incredible importance on having a Team capable of compiling a solid business plan and employing networking efforts such as presenting their solution to various technology partners. The history of the Team speaks volumes of their ability to work on and deploy such large scale applications. – Yin Xiangyu (Head of INT Chain) has participated in the design and development of a wearable remote life test instrument based on GPRS, an anesthesia depth tester, early diabetic neuropathy tester, smart home and power carrier system. Later, he began his business in Internet industry. By 2013, he completed the R&D and promotion of the first domestic WeChat IoT device named “Yinmeitu”. – Chen Guanghui (Chief Dev) worked for EastCOM and Huawei successively with rich experience in communication underlying technologies, system architecture, R&D project management, software development, mobile Internet and other fields. In 2005, he served as Head of the Enterprise Communications MKT Department in Huawei and Head of the Railway Signal Architecture Design Department. – We highly recommend you do some more research on the full Team as they’re extremely talented and are being guided by a pretty impressive Advisory Board
  • INT Chain is boasting some HEAVY partnerships. At a glance we can see big names such as ZTE, China Telecom, IMECAS and being involved. The partners listed here are heavyweights in the world of Operating Systems, large scale infrastructure deployment and 5G technology which are all things that INT Chain are absolutely going to need help with going forward. The technology required to power a “smart city” or a “hyperconnected world” is just coming to fruition in some parts of the world today. There is a long way to go in adopting some of this technology but the fact that INT Chain has strong partnerships with pioneers in this industry that have close ties to the Chinese Government and a wide reach throughout Asia gives them an instantaneous leg up against the competition. Asia is where this technology is being developed and this is where we’ll see real adoption first. This looks extremely good for INT Chain.
  • INT Chain is one of the more solid Internet of Things (IoT) we’ve seen in this space. What really matters here in our opinion is the Team and the connections they have to deploy this technology on a large scale. Yes there is a long road ahead for these types of projects, but with a market cap just a fraction of competitors such as IOTA and arguably a fresher, more developer friendly approach to things, INT Chain presents Investors with a chance to get into another sector of the cryptocurrency space on the ground floor. There’s no doubt in our mind that projects like INT Chain will thrive as the cryptocurrency and blockchain space mature and Investors who think long-term should see the value here. The key here is competitor research and patience. Go where the development is and follow the Teams progress as they continue with that development. INT Chain is a great example of an incredibly experienced Team that should have no issue leading in this space as it matures.
  • The concerns we have about INT Chain are similar to a lot of projects working in the Internet of Things (IoT) space. This industry is very much still in its infancy in terms of everyday use-cases. Yes, there’s incredible potential for devices to become interconnected in ways that literally make everything talk to each other with fluent translation, but the infrastructure in a lot of countries just isn’t there yet. None of these projects are going to be able to just put their foot down and do everything on their own, they’re somewhat dependent on governments  building the infrastructure needed to facilitate the next level of “smart” devices and technology companies continuing to advance their technologies at a reasonable pace. We’re only just seeing the surface of this being scratched in parts of Asia where they’re currently pioneering this type of technology while it’s barely an idea in areas such as the USA, Europe, Australia, etc. This is an issue that concerns the whole industry, not INT Chain in particular.
  • There is a decent amount of competition in this industry with projects such as IOTA and IoT Chain working in the same space. Seeing as this sector is still in its infancy, a bit of competition isn’t a necessarily a bad thing. The only issue with competition at such an early stage is waiting for one of the competing projects to have a “breakthrough” moment. Whether it be a major partnership that allows for much faster progress to be made or an advance in technology that leaves the competition behind. These projects are working hard and the majority of that work is yet to be seen by the general public. It’s very important that if you’re investing in this sector of crypto, you’re well researched on your favorite project and their competitors. Follow the leader in this space.
  • There aren’t a lot of standout concerns that we have for INT Chain or any IoT project in this space for that matter. It’s important as an investor to understand that these projects are going to be longer term investments and you shouldn’t be expecting wild, breaking-news type events with a ton of hype around them. They’re also projects that have a ton of barriers in front of them as any new technology does. Things may seem far-fetched or outlandish at a point, but that comes with any new innovation that we haven’t seen operate on a large scale. We’ve seen a few groups point out the lack of marketing efforts made by projects such as INT Chain but you’ve got to consider where their funds are better spent. These projects are pioneering this sector of crypto and their money is probably better spent developing their solutions and networking with technology partners. Not an issue but a concern for some. No other comments here.


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Mainnet Token

Powered by the INT Chain Network. Can be stored on any INT compatible wallet e.g Official Wallets

Token Statistics


• Ticker: INT
• Circulating Supply: 282,990,438 INT
• Total Supply: 654,161,443 INT
• Token Use: Services & Fees


The Team

Yin Xiangyu (Head of INT China)
Xiang Ruofei (Chief Scientist)
Chen Guanghui (Chief Dev)


& Competitors

• Internet of Things (IoT)
• Blockchain Performance
• Competitors – IOTA, IOT Chain, IoTeX

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