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Current progress in the robotics industry is impeded by siloed development, wasted labor, and high startup cost. As a result, the pace of robotics innovation is needlessly constrained. Kambria aims to change this.

Kambria’s creation was borne out of our desire to accelerate progress by engaging a vast community of developers and creators, providing them with necessary tools and connecting them through market demand.

  • Interactions on the platform are facilitated by the Kambria Token (KAT), Maker Credit, and Kambria Karma. KAT is a native ERC20 utility token. Its main functions are to enable access to the Kambria platform, reward participation, and align incentives for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.
  • The Kambria Architecture is made up of five pillars: Codebase (KDNA), innovation marketplace ,the manufacturing alliance, value capture, and legal protection. Each directly addresses the shortfalls of modern robotics
  • Kambria allows developers access to reuse state-of-the-art, low-cost, fully-usable designs, algorithms, etc. from the Kambria codebase, so that you can focus your effort on just the part you are innovating on.

“Our mission is to accelerate the process of robotics innovation, enabling faster, cheaper, and easier robotics development and adoption by everyone”

  • Great Looking Team Here. Experienced in Their Fields. Dr. Thuc Vu Even Had a Previous Company Be Aquired by Google. Computer Science, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Experience from the Founding Members Shows a Great Foundation. It’s Always Great to See Founders Experienced in the Field They Are Looking to Disrupt, Instead of Hiring the Talent.
  • Beautiful Website. Super Easy Research for Investors. Extensive Documentation Including a Full Whitepaper Available in Both English and Korean. Great Graphics. Well Structured and Presented.
  • Press & Media Coverage Looks Very Good. Cnn, Autodesk, Forbes, Techcrunch and Several Other Large Media Outlets Have Featured Kambria in Various Articles. The Kambria Site Does Not Directly Link to These Articles but We Verified Them Manually to Confirm They Are Indeed Mentioned.
  • Kambria Boasts Partnerships with Intel Realsense, Autodesk, Aaeon, Stanford University and Many More. The Team Behind Kambria Have Been Around for Years so It’s No Surprise They Have Secured Partnerships and Support from These Companies.
  • Competitors Are Going to Find It Hard to Compete Quickly. Kambria Is Creating a Platform That Is Not Easily Copied Once They Attract a Large Enough User Base. Developers Will Find It Easier to Use One Platform Rather than 2 or 3, Kambria Has the Head Start Here.
  • The Kambria Website and Research Resources Often Have Broken English Here and There and Sometimes This Can Be Very Confusing. Not a Huge Deal but Investors Should Be Prepared to Read a Bit Slower. No Doubt These Grammatical Errors Will Be Revised Somewhere down the Line.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Is Still a “Pipe Dream” In Society in the Way That People Don’t Understand Exactly What Artificial Intelligence and Robitics Actually Relates To. Most People Are Still Thinking about the Terminator Series and Evil Artificial Intelligence When the Topic Is Brought Up. The Industry Is Progressing but the Societal View on It Is Largely the Same as It Was Years Ago, Add Blockchain Technology to This and It Becomes Even More Confusing for Regular Folk. Not a Direct Concern for Kambria but More for the Industry Itself.
  • The Roadmap Featured on Kambrias Site Shows Some Previous Progress Going Back to 2015 but the Roadmap for the Future Only Shows Two Pretty Vague Milestones; “Beta Release” In Q3 2018 and “Full Launch” In Q1 2019. It’d Be Great to See Some Expansion on Those Milestones or Small Milestones In-between These. No Other Concerns Here.
Whitelist: TBA
KYC: Yes
ICO Token Price: TBA
Excluded Countries: USA
Bonuses: TBA
Tokens For Sale: 50%
Min/Max Cap: TBA
Accepts: ETH
ICO Period: TBA


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Token Details

Token Type


Powered by the Ethereum Network. Can be stored on any ERC20 compatible wallet e.g MyEtherWallet

Token Statistics


• Ticker: KAT
• Total Supply: 5,000,000,000
• Fundraising Goal: $25,000,000
• Token Use: Ecosystem/Governance


The Team

Dr. Thuc Vu (AI & Game Theory)
Jared Go (Robotics)
Tingxi Tan (Developer)


& Competitors

• Ai & Robotics
• Crowdsourced Development
• Competitors – None At This Time

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