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Komodo (KMD)

The Komodo project focuses on empowering users with Freedom through blockchain technology. There are many forms of Freedom that Komodo can provide, and we are currently focusing on empowering two types of users: the blockchain entrepreneur, and the average cryptocurrency investor. Together, our community of entrepreneurs, investors, and other users form an economic ecosystem. The foundational pillar of the Komodo ecosystem is security.

Komodo provides a unique and innovative form of security that is as strong as the Bitcoin network, yet does not require the incredible cost. Every member of the Komodo ecosystem receives the benefits of this security. The investor relies on it for everyday use. The entrepreneur relies on it to protect their blockchain innovation at a cost that is affordable even to small businesses and startups. Another of Komodo’s powerful technologies is a new method of trading cryptocurrencies directly from one person to another. It is a new kind of “decentralized exchange.” Our decentralized exchange removes all forms of middlemen, vouchers, and escrow services. It relies on an underlying concept called the “atomic swap,” and we are the leaders in this technology.

Our atomic-swap powered decentralized exchange serves both the investor and the blockchain entrepreneur.

“We provide security, freedom and independence to all people through blockchain technology to create a flourishing, decentralized world.”

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  • Private Transactions & Services
  • Atomic Swap Enabled Network
  • Low Circulating Supply Considering Usage
  • Extensive Information On Website. Easy Research.
  • Large Team Covering Development, Marketing, Branding.
  • Marketing seems to be lacking even with a large team dedicated to marketing. Social networks are not discussing Komodo.
  • Price action suffered from lots of hype in December 2017. Decreased in value when the whole market was rising in January 2018.
  • No other concerns here. A speculative investment until the Marketing team can prove they can advertise a working product.
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Token Type

Network Token

Powered by the Komodo Network. Can be stored on any compatible wallet e.g Official Wallets

Token Statistics


• Ticker: KMD
• Total Supply: –
• Circulating Supply: 104,037,442
• Token Use: Atomic Swaps


The Team

James Lee (Lead Dev – Founder)
Kadan Stadelmann (CTO)
Steve Lee (Marketing)


& Competitors

• Atomic Swaps
• Decentralized ICO’s
• Competitors – Ethereum, Waves, NEO

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