Blockchain Powered Professional-Profile Verification and Attestation Protocol

ERC20 Token

We believe that using the SpringRole network is then optimal approach to rate a persons skills. Current endorsement systems like Linkedln & Upwork have certain problems that make them ineffective as a reliable tool for skill evaluation. One of the problems is that endorsements are free: a person is free to endorse an unlimited number of individuals in any category. No weight is given to the expertise of the person that is endorsing. The second problem is that endorsements don’t require the other party to accept or reject the endorsement-this leads to Spam and users getting irrelevant endorsements in their profile. The Spring network tackles these problems head on.

SpringRole network is powered by the SPRING token. Every action on the platform is liked to the token and the token can be used within the platform to perform various actions.

  • Work – Any claims about a users work experience are attested by the concerned companies. Details like duration and job title are written directly to the blockchain.
  • Education – Each educational qualification is verified by the concerned University and attested on the blockchain. Additional information like grades and specialization are optional.
  • Skills – A Users’s skill proficiency is crowdsourced by weighted endorsements that are given by people in the User’s network and by any reputed online courses or certifications they complete.

“We have a real reason to be on the blockchain. We are confident that we are solving real problems that exist in today’s profile verification methodologies. And the power of the blockchain has given us complete control and provides us with the flexibility to develop a trustworthy verification and attestation process from ground up.”

  • SpringRole Is in a Position Where They Can Really Improve on Current Solutions Such as Those Provided by Linkedin & Upwork. We See People Lie about Their Previous Work Experience and Associations All the Time, It Doesn’t Cost Anything to Game the System on These Centralized Platforms. SpringRole Uses Blockchains Numerous Benefits to Improve All Areas of This Business Model, Resulting in Far More Valuable, Validated Information Being Loaded onto the Platform.
  • The Team Seem to Have Really Focused in on Making the SPRING Token the Powerhouse Behind the SpringRole Platform. No Confusion Here about the Use-case of the Token. We Sometimes See Projects Try and “Force” A Token into a Platform Just for the Sake of It, SpringRole’s Token Is Very Important to the Platform. View All Token Use-Cases
  • SpringRoles Team and Advisory Board Look Pretty Solid. Mike Jones For Example Has Been Extremely Successful Developing Products That Are Geared Towards the Masses. His Exits in 2016 Alone Included Science Portfolio Companies HelloSociety (Acquired by New York times), FameBit (Acquired by Google) and Dollar Shave Club (Acquired by Unilever). He Was Also Previously the CEO of Userplane , Tsavo, PBJ, MySpace, Myspace Japan, and FIM. We Won’t Dive into the History of All the Advisory Board Members, but This Example Gives You a Pretty Good Idea of the Experience the Team and Advisory Board Have. View All SpringRole Advisors
  • Very Impressive Partnerships with Various Companies in the Identity/Verification Industry. Partnerships with Civic, Bloom, Teachur.Co, Workcoin and More Are Perfectly Suited and Will No Doubt Work Seamlessly with One Another.
  • Finally, SpringRole Actually Has a Beta Already up and Running at the Time of Writing (May 21st, 2018). Users Can Sign up, Reserve Their URL and Claim 100 SPRING Tokens at the Same Time. This Isn’t an Advertisement for Their Platform, Just Something We Should Mention for Those Who Are Interested. Great to See a Beta up and Running Before the ICO Period.
  • Not a Huge Amount of Activity on the SpringRole Github Yet. Most Commits Are on the Smart Contract Side of Things.We Weren’t Expecting a Huge Repository from a Project This New, but Investors Should Keep an Eye on This Before and after the SpringRole ICO. Not a Direct Concern for the SpringRole Platform.
  • Centralized Solutions Such as Linkedin and Upwork Have Very Similiar Business Models. Unfortunately, These Guys Have the Market Right Now and SpringRole Will Really Need to Get Their Product out in Front of Professionals Who Want a Better Way to Present Themselves. Considering the Team and Advisory Board, This Shouldn’t Be an Issue at All but It’s Something We Should Mention. SpringRole Have a Fair Bit of Ground to Cover.
  • SpringRole Has a Wealth of Information about the Platform in Their Whitepaper. It Doesn’t Look like a Lot of This Information Made It onto the Homepage of Their Website. At the Time of Writing (21st, May 2018), Investors Interested in Learning about the SpringRole Platform Should Go Directly to the Whitepaper Or Slidedeck Presentation
Whitelist: Yes (Join)
KYC: Yes
ICO Token Price: 50,000 SPRING / ETH
Excluded Countries: USA
Bonuses: TBA
Tokens For Sale: 25.5%
Min/Max Cap: TBA
Accepts: ETH
ICO Period: Starts July 1st


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Token Details

Token Type


Powered by the Ethereum Network. Can be stored on any ERC20 compatible wallet e.g MyEtherWallet

Token Statistics


• Ticker: SPRING
• Total Supply: 10,000,000,000
• Fundraising Goal: $14,800,000
• Token Use: Services & Fees


The Team

Kartik Mandaville (CEO, Founder)
David Lewis (Business Dev)
Shivhari Shankar (Product Manager)


& Competitors

• Professional Profiles
• Verification
• Competitors – None At This Time

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