Introducing a New Infrastructure for Computing.

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Hypernet have built, from the ground up, a new programming model, which they believe will be the backbone of the next era of computing. It allows you to rent out time on your latent devices—earning you some extra cash—while providing researchers and engineers with the computational power they need to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

Compute Buyers: Purchase compute power at competitive prices on an infinitely scalable network of devices.

Compute Sellers: Earn money by selling unused computing power from the devices you already own. By participating in Hypernet, you are helping solve the world’s greatest challenges by contributing the computational power that’s quite literally at your fingertips.

  • Selling time on personal devices dramatically slashes the cost of computing by eliminating cumbersome operating expenses. Despite the fact that energy is the main resource used for compute, upwards of 70% of the operating costs of data centers are infrastructure, hardware, and cooling.
  • Mobilizing more devices cuts down on compute time. Hypernet is infinitely scalable and can leverage an unlimited number of devices globally. The sheer quantity of latent compute power existing all around us far eclipses that of the largest data center.
  • Hypernet eliminates the need for data centers, which require large tracts of land, massive amounts of raw materials which produce harmful byproducts. Leveraging existing infrastructure Hypernet also eliminates the need for the production of new devices.

“Access to computing power fuels innovation. To process the ever growing explosion of data in our world and glean actionable information, we need more computational power than ever. Increasing costs, lack of data privacy, data vulnerability, data transport limitations, and stifling programming models are the problems that plague computing. At the same time, we only use a small fraction of available capacity, despite being surrounded by a sea of computing potential in the form of laptops, desktops, smartphones, and embedded devices. Imagine if you could tap into that latent power and access limitless capabilities.”

  • Distributed Computing Is Really Starting to Turn Some Heads in a Lot of Industries. Any Company Working with Huge Amounts of Data, Video, Etc That Require Large Amounts of Power to Perform Different Tasks Can Take Advantage of Distributed Computing. Unless You’ve Somehow Got Access to a Quantum Computer, Regular Processors Can Only Go so Fast Before They Are Bottle-necked by Other Components. Using a Number of Computers Is a Much Better Way of Processing Huge Amounts of Data.
  • The Role of the Hypernet Currency “Hypertokens” Is Actually Very Interesting and Makes a Lot of Sense. Considering Anybody with Some Spare Computing Power Can Join the Network, There Needs to Be Some Sort of Verification and Safety for Those Looking to “Rent” These Machines. The Hypertokens Serve as a Collateral for Sellers, Holding Them Accountable and Introducing a Barrier for Those Who Are Considered “Bad Actors”. Obviously Buyers Require These Tokens to Rent Other Users Computing Power. The Token Also Serves as a Network Allocation and Reputation Mechanism. Overall a Very Good Token Model.
  • At the Time of Writing (May 22nd, 2018), We Don’t Have a Lot of Information on the Hypernet ICO. What We Do Have Is an Incredible Amount of Information Including an Explainer Video And a Full Whitepaper. Most Investors Probably Don’t Even Need to Go into the Whitepaper Because Hypernet Has Done an Extremely Good Job of Explaining the Platform and Token Model on Their Websites Homepage. Great to See a Lot of Effort Has Been Put into Informing Potential Investors/Users.
  • Hypernets Team Is Extremely Impressive on All Fronts. All Team Members Check out as Being Very Well Suited for This Type of Project. For Example, Christopher Hansen Studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University. After Completing His Master’s Degree, He Joined NVIDIA to Work on Their next Generation GPU Technology. He’s Also Worked with Companies Such as Facebook and Twitter. That’s Just One Member of the Hypernet Crew. View All Hypernet Team Members
  • At the Time of Writing (May 22nd, 2018), We Can’t Seem to Find a Github for Hypernet. For a Project so Interesting, It’d Be Great to See Some Github Progress to See How the Platform Is Progressing. It Is Completely Possible That the Team Are Protecting Their Code from Competitors by Developing Privately Before Their ICO, or Are Simply Waiting for ICO Funds to Get Started. Not a Huge Concern but Something to Keep an Eye On.
  • It Doesn’t Look like Hypernet Have Listed Any Advisors on Their Website or Whitepaper. Advisors Usually Give Some Credibility/Trust to a Project, Especially If the Project Is Quite Ambitious. We Aren’t Sure If Hypernet Has an Advisory Board, but the Team Alone Is Impressive Enough That We Don’t Consider This to Be a Big Deal at All. Something We Had to Mention, Though.
  • Our Only Real Concern for the Hypernet Platform Is How It’s Actually Going to Perform. We All Know How Intensive Tasks Such as Mining Cryptocurrencies Are on Computer Hardware, Running Computer Hardware at Full Load for Long Periods of Time Can Even Reduce the Lifespan of Some Components. If Users Can Rent out Their Spare Computing Power While Still Being Able to Use Their Own Machine, Hypernet Will Be a Big Hit. If a Users Computer Isn’t Able to Be Used at the Same Time, This Is Obviously a Barrier Very Similar to What a Lot of People Face When Mining Cryptocurrencies. We’ll Just Have to Wait and See, but We Are Confident That the Hypernet Team Are Aware of This Potential Barrier.
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Powered by the Ethereum Network. Can be stored on any ERC20 compatible wallet e.g MyEtherWallet

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• Total Supply: TBA
• Fundraising Goal: Not Set
• Token Use: Services & Fees


The Team

Ivan Ravlich (CEO, Founder)
Todd Chapman (CTO, Founder)
Daniel Maren (Co-founder)


& Competitors

• Crowd Computing
• Distributed Power
• Competitors – None At This Time

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