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Travala is an already-operational travel booking platform with 567,928 Properties in 210 Countries covering 82,311 Destinations. The platform combines the best of this generation’s booking website functionality with the incredible benefits enabled by next generation’s decentralized technologies and tokenized incentive structures.

Travala, as a Next-gen Online Travel Agency (NOTA), fundamentally changes the relationship between the consumer of the future and their travel shopping. Travala’s target market benefits from:

  • A globally-competitive range of travel services; Accommodation (Hotels, Resorts, Hostels), Flights, Things to do (Tours, Activities, Experiences), Restaurants, Transfers, Car Rentals, Vacation Rentals and Cruises
  • Always available at a minimum average of 15% lower than current mainstream OTAs; enabled through agile integration of the leading wholesale travel solution partners
  • Underpinned by a token-powered incentivization economy which gives real rewards for valuable acts such as user referrals and key-opinion-leader content
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“As a core enabling technology for Travala, Blockchain signifies a third evolutionary leap for human connectivity (firstly voice telephony, secondly data transmission), and is now empowering real value exchange between network participants. In the travel industry, where a central authority was previously required to validate bookings and guarantee payment, it is becoming possible to link buyers and sellers directly to benefit from lower fees, instant payments and trustworthy reviews”

  • Travala is another strong entry into the Travel industry which is slowly being exposed to more and more decentralized solutions. What we love about Travala is its ease of use and the user experience it provides to customers that might not know a thing about cryptocurrencies. With a familiar interface akin to the likes of big centralized players such as Expedia, Priceline, etc, it’s more of the same on the design front (which is a good thing). No hoops to jump through, no time spent calculating token value vs fiat, no worries. Visit to check the platform out for yourself. You’ll notice there’s no big flashing signs blurting out “Travala is decentralized! Crypto is best! Woohoo Crypto!” because at the end of the day, customers don’t care and it’s great to see Travala understands that just because something is powered by blockchain does not automatically make it more attractive to customers. The user experience Travala provides is very clean.
  • If you take a look at just how much money flows through the Travel industry every year, you’ll quickly see the potential projects such as Travala have. When you’re dealing with a multi-trillion dollar industry, capturing even 0.05% of the market is a huge deal and that’s what gets us excited about projects such as Travala (0.05% was a random number we pulled out of [redacted], it’s an example, not a guarantee). There’s so much money to be made and so many people to serve that even if a solution was to garner even the slightest amount of adoption it would be incredibly lucrative to investors holding the tokens that power these solutions which in the case of Travala is the AVA token.
  • The AVA token model is one that we’ve seen before in various industries but one that makes a whole lot of sense. In order to provide a good user-experience customers aren’t forced to use AVA when booking accommodation (for example) but rather prompted to use it in return for things like special discounts, memberships and other features that Travala and their partners offer these users. Customers are also rewarded for their engagement on the platform with AVA being rewarded for things such as reviews, referrals, etc. Travala also offers a more open platform where partners can utilize AVA on their own platforms, increasing the possibility for growth exponentially. Like we’ve said before, won’t be overtaking Expedia or Priceline anytime soon, that’s a hard fact. Instead of aiming to topple the giants controlling the Travel space today, the Team is approaching this via a more organic approach. Trees with branches, branches with leaves, that sort of thing. AVA has a wide range of use-cases and has a strong role in the inner-workings of both the B2C and B2B side of things.
  • Travala has some seriously valuable partnerships tied up. With access to suppliers such as HotelsPro, HotelDO, Restel, HotelBeds and many more on board, there’s no wonder Travala can offer access to 567,928 Properties in 82,311 Destinations across 210 Countries. Travala have by far one of the most “ready to go” solutions available in this space. Taking a look at the tech behind Travala, everything is powered by the NEO Blockchain. Being a NEP-5 token, AVA benefits from super fast transaction/operation speeds with plenty of room to scale, which given the industry Travala is operating in is absolutely crucial to a solid user experience.
  • When assessing the Team behind Travala, it’s important to take into account what is important for a project like this. Years of blockchain experience? Probably not too important. The business/token model doesn’t necessarily call a ton of experience in blockchain technology as much as it does for Networking and Marketing strengths. Juan Otero (CSO) is the Founder & CEO of Juan’s experience in tech start-ups has led to his involvement as a Consultant and Advisor in several leading start-ups, blockchain projects, start-up accelerators like Silicon Valley’s Founder Institute and Wayra Telefonica and government organisations like the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) and the European Commission. Previous companies include Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle for $7.4B) and, the world’s largest and fastest growing online hotel booking service, part of Priceline. Tam Hoang (CTO) has 17 years MNC work experience in various managerial roles encompassing IT Director, IT Manager, Vice General Director and COO, Tam has an in-depth knowledge and experience in real world leadership, information and communications technology, business management, business development and project management. | The Team behind Travala is super impressive and one of the biggest strengths Travala has backing it.
  • The major concerns we have with projects in the travel space whether it be in the Accomodation or Flight Booking categories are two simple ones; Likelihood of Adoption and Centralized Competitors. From a B2B (Business to Business) perspective, these solutions offer businesses the chance to save huge amounts of money on outrageous fees charged by some of the big players such as Priceline, Expedia, etc through the simple act of cutting out the middleman. But from a B2C (Business to Customer) perspective, these newer solutions are (on the face of it) offering the same thing when compared to the usual players that we mentioned above. It’s too easy to just book a room or flight in a few minutes, and for customers, there’s nothing wrong with the current system. Travala has a B2C solution already set up with plans to work in B2B models into the project in the future. It may be a number of years before we see solutions such as Travala make an impact on the way customers book Rooms or Flights but Businesses looking to offer their inventory may pick it up a lot sooner. Watch this space.
  • As well as centralized competitors, Travala has some decentralized competitors working in the same space. Projects such as Winding Tree are a prime example of a very similar business model although Winding Tree is taking a more B2B focus over a B2C one. Travala is definitely the most established project we’ve seen in this space if we’re talking about a “ready to go” solution. 2019 will be a very interesting year for projects in this space as many have worked tirelessly throughout 2018 to bring the products to the public in 2019/2020. While you can’t deny the competition from centralized competitors, Travala is somewhere near the front of the pack when it comes to decentralized solutions at this time.
  • On a more minor note, taking a look at the Travala Roadmap we can see some planned goals heading into Q1 2019 although somewhat vague for now (no doubt an update is on the way). Considering what Travala has achieved and how established their product is in its current state, things may be slowing down slightly on the major milestone side of things. They’re looking into “Research & Development of Global Flight Bookings” which will be a huge step into the other half of the extremely lucrative travel industry but until we see more development on this we can’t see too many major milestones on the horizon just yet. (December 2018)
Price Speculation
  • Please note: This Price Prediction/Speculation section was a section voted on by our community on Twitter. We do not stand by any of the following statements, we are merely speculating. We have been known to be pretty bullish on most projects we review, so take our predictions and DYOR.
  • As always, we like to take a step back and look at projects from a purely investment based perspective. AVA will no doubt see a ton of organic price growth through exchange listings and planned marketing in the future. At the time of writing (December 2018) AVA Network is only available on smaller exchanges such as Kucoin and Switcheo but that hasn’t stopped AVA from shooting up in value from $0.05 in late September 2018 to a recent high of $0.15 in late December 2018. Any investments now would have a pretty good chance of appreciating from future catalysts although it should be noted that at the time of writing, AVA has seen a very strong run up in price, so pick your entry carefully as things inevitably cool down (December 20thth 2018). Now sitting at around a $5.5m Market Cap after an impressive run from a $1.5m Market Cap in such a short period of time, AVA still has a fair amount of growth potential in the long term based on fundamentals if all goes to plan. Once we see projects such as Travala slowly start to grab a piece of the multi-trillion dollar industry that is Travel, it won’t be long until the value of AVA reflects the fundamentals behind the project. It’s also important to note that with any new concept/space, there’s a fair amount of risk involved. Always DYOR and pay attention to development in this space.
  • Short term (< 3 Months) We think AVA could be sitting anywhere from a stable $0.10 to $0.25 taking the current market conditions into consideration and allowing for some gradual profit taking from the recent run up. (December 2018)
  • Mid Term (6 – 12 Months) we think AVA could be a stable $0.50 to $1.00, especially if the market turns around in the next few months.
  • Anywhere past 12 months would be impossible to accurately speculate on but we’d be confident on a $1.00 to $3+ AVA in 1+ years if their Roadmap progresses forward without a hitch.
  • The current circulating AVA supply is just over 35,000,000 (December 2018), so a $3.00 AVA would see a $105m+ valuation. These estimates may be conservative considering the industry Travala is working in. Things could go a lot further in a short period of time if the platform garners wide adoption.
  • As with any investment, you absolutely must do your own research. We are by no means providing financial advice. Be smart!


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Token Details

Token Type


Powered by the NEO Blockchain. Can be stored on any NEP-5 compatible wallet e.g Neon Wallet

Token Statistics


• Ticker: AVA
• Circulating Supply: 35,091,443
• Total Supply: 61,571,086
• Token Use: Services & Fees


The Team

Matthew Luczynski (CEO)
Steve Hipwell (COO)
Juan Otero (CSO)


& Competitors

• Travel & Acommodation
• Customer Applications
• Competitors – Winding Tree to an extent.

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