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DeepOnion has one goal in mind, To protect the privacy of its users when sending and receiving funds. DeepOnion seeks to become a premier hybrid cryptocurrency that guarantees the confidentiality and anonymity of its users by introducing advanced blockchain technologies and improving the potential even further.

DeepOnion offers exceptional advantages to traditional banking systems. Security through its network, privacy features in addition to extremely efficient payment speed and minimum transaction fees. The development team has integrated the latest privacy standards into DeepOnion’s technology stack.

  • Latest TOR Integration – This allows you to mask your IP address and location by using the TOR network nodes. Keep your IP address and location private when using our wallet. Our wallet is natively integrated to the tor network.
  • Private Transactions – With the built-in Stealth Address feature, you can send private transactions. Using a stealth address allows transactions to be sent and received anonymously. This is just an extra layer of protection to our many features.
  • Multi-layered Protection – Our software has several layers of privacy including the latest version of Tor, obfs4, meek, stealth addresses, and upcoming DeepSend. Our highly secure wallet serves as an application layer of security.

“We believe that nobody should have their finances or identity scrutinized by financial authorities, criminals or any other individual or group because privacy is an inherent right. We are working to offer the latest technology that will protect the user’s privacy. Security technologies are dynamic, and because they evolve, we include a variety of improved technology that will make it difficult for both legal and illegal parties to invade the security of DeepOnion users.”


  • DeepOnion has some of the most advanced privacy/security features we’ve seen in a Privacy Coin. Features include: TOR Integration, Instant Confirmations, Stealth Addresses and many more. DeepOnion ticks pretty much every box that needs to be ticked to be a super fast, private way of transferring funds. Wallets are official and include beautiful GUIs making DeepOnion not only very easy to manage but super safe to store.
  • All of the features and technology behind these features is backed up by a super active Github Repo. With the recent release of VoteCentral and the long history that DeepOnion has, it’s clear that new features are always in the works. We’ve seen several Privacy Coins stagnate and drop off due to being overtaken in terms of features provided. DeepOnion looks like it’s keeping up pretty well.
  • DeepOnions website & Official Wallets are all very well branded. It’s very typical to see Privacy based coins feature “dark web” style graphics, shady looking stuff to most people. DeepOnion does an awesome job of explaining exactly what it does in very basic terms that anybody could understand. Privacy does NOT come at a price with DeepOnion and users who are new to blockchain tech don’t need to worry about setting up complicated wallets or connecting to specific networks to securely transfer funds.
  • From an investors point of view, DeepOnion is an incredible opportunity to get in on the “Ground Floor”. Compared to other Privacy Coins in the space a 10 Million Dollar Market Cap is considered very small (26th July 2018). With a Max Supply at 25,000,000, if DeepOnion was to garner adoption/attention similiar to that of currencies such as Verge (XVG), the ROI potential is extraordinary. This is by no means financial advice but right now DeepOnion is very undervalued.


  • DeepOnion is by no means reinventing the wheel here. DeepOnion happens to have an incredibly dedicated community and a very active product. Their level of adoption/use is really what puts them ahead of a lot of the competition. Private Transactions, Stealth Addresses, Community Voting, TOR Integration, it’s all there to use but DeepOnion isn’t shouting from the rooftops about unique features. Take that how you will. From our point of view it’s neither a Positive or a Negative, so we’ll chuck it down as a “concern”.
  • The team is obviously anonymous seeing as DeepOnion is fully commited to user privacy. Some investors may be put off by the lack of team details (No LinkedIns, Crunchbases, etc) but investors should know that DeepOnion was never an ICO or a token sale, everything was airdropped or given away so the team being anonymous really isn’t a big deal. If they were asking for 40 Million Dollars to start their project then sure, a team would definitely matter. A concern for some, perhaps.
  • No other real concerns here. As you can see our concerns aren’t “Red Flags” as such, just things we’ll point out to cover even the most careful of investors. It’ll be interesting to see how DeepOnion makes itself stand out as other Privacy Coins enter the scene but right now it’s doing a great job.


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Token Details

Token Type

Network Token

Powered by the DeepOnion Network. Can be stored on any ONION compatible wallet e.g Official Wallets

Token Statistics


• Ticker: ONION
• Max Supply: 25,000,000
• Circulating Supply: 15,687,697
• Token Use: Services & Fees


The Team

Deeper (Marketing/Community)
Monocolor (Lead Dev)
Impressive (Web App Dev)


& Competitors

• Private Transactions
• Digital Currency
• Competitors – Various: Monero, Phore, Etc.

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