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MultiVAC is a next-generation high-performance public blockchain for industrial- scale decentralized applications. Its trusted sharding technology allows for unlimited and sustainable scalability, and it provides a novel approach towards solving the blockchain scalability problem currently preventing mainsteam blockchains from reaching industrial capability.

  • High-Throughput – With the same node scale, MultiVAC can achieve two orders of magnitude credibility and over 10000 times TPS as bitcoin, which will fully meets the needs of large-scale applications.
  • Flexible Computation – MultiVAC separates transactions and smart contracts/computation and provides an optional slide of CAP for DApps to make their own infrastructure of performance and decentralization level.
  • Infinite Expansion – There will be an economic model and an efficient free market in which Nodes can benefit from bookkeeping, computing and saving, leading to obvious increasing and network effect.

“With this suite of breakthroughs, MultiVAC is extremely fast, totally scalable, and robustly allows for the development of extremely complicated business logic on its application layer, an ideal blockchain to serve as the foundational layer of a public diversified blockchain ecosystem.”


  • Blockchain performance is a hot topic at the moment. With Dapp platforms such as Ethereum starting to show their age in terms of scalability and transaction speed, the need for Dapp platforms that address these issues head on is definitely needed. Although we have our concerns about the adoption plans that these newer platforms have, we have to remain confident that one of these newer platforms will step up and prove themselves to be a solution to what chains such as Ethereum and NEO are already facing. MultiVAC shows a lot of promise.
  • The Team behind Vite is very impressive. Frank Lyu is the Technical director and data engineering expert of Meituan. Co-founder and CTO of Xinrenxinshi, the outstanding HR SaaS entrepreneur in China holding investment from Sequoia Capital. Shawn Ying is an Associate Professor of Tianjin University. Ph.D. in Computing Science of Nanyang Technological University. An expert on parallel algorithms and general-purpose calculations. He became the youngest associate professor of Tianjin University at the age of 26 through the Youth Thousand Talents Plan. He has published over 20 papers in top conferences and journals such as SIGGRAPH.
  • Investors look pretty good here. TGL Capital, NEO Global Capital, DFund and more high profile investment firms are getting in on MultiVAC. That shouldn’t sell you on MultiVAC alone but high profile investors are usually a great sign of the confidence these firms have in a project. MultiVAC is definitely attracting the right attention.
  • It’s worth mentioning the sheer amount of people working on this platform. We’ve seen a fair few Dapp Platforms popping up recently and we have to say that MultiVAC is one of the better ones in terms of Team knowledge and prior experience. The team boasts a handful of people who’ve worked for Google, a few that have worked for Facebook and Pinterest, plenty of experience with majorly successful platforms. This shouldn’t sell you on MultiVAC but the Team should stand out here for sure.


  • MultiVAC is attempting to add their own unique spin on the Dapp Platform scene by enabling DApps to make their own infrastructure of performance and decentralization level. We constantly see projects add their own “spin” on things but time after time we see the usual players (ETH, NEO, etc) keep the lead and unfortunately some of these newer Dapp Platforms just can’t get a solid user base or Dapps with real use-cases. The fundamentals are all there but history shows a long road ahead in terms of adoption.
  • Plenty of competition in this space. Decentralized application platforms are a dime a dozen at the moment and all it’s going to take for a project to steal the show is a super fast, scalable, high capacity platform that enables developers to develop the applications easily. The problem is that all of the competition are fighting over the same features with small innovations here and there. MultiVAC definitely has the aforementioned features to boast. It’s a case of wait and see.
  • Unfortunately at the time of writing (July 23rd 2018) we are unable to located a MultiVAC Reddit and their Github looks like it’s either completely inactive/empty or the developers are still developing their platform privately. Developing privately is understandable when the project you are creating is unique and you intend to keep certain techniques a secret. Hopefully we get to see some open development down the road.

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Accepts: ETH
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Powered by the Ethereum Network. Can be stored on any ERC20 compatible wallet e.g MyEtherWallet

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Frank Lyu (Founder)
Shawn Ying (Founder)
Claire Wang (Founder)


& Competitors

• Blockchain Performance
• Blockchain Scalability
• Competitors – Various: EOS, ETH, Etc

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