The Open Marketplace Platform for Human and Machine-Powered Enterprise Tasks

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HADRON Workforce: The Open Marketplace Platform for Human and Machine-Powered Enterprise Tasks, Focused on tasks and built on novel blockchain protocols to efficiently enable millions of simultaneous workers.


  • Millions of tasks per second – Engineered for a global user base, HADRON’s novel protocols scale far beyond existing blockchains.
  • One simple app, many ways to earn – Users install the HADRON Workforce App to both monetize their idle devices and actively earn by performing human intelligence tasks in a game-like environment.
  • Trustless, stateless, scalable payments – Unlike payment channels and group lotteries, HADRON’s payment protocol is trustless, stateless, and scales to an unbounded number of workers.

“Built by experienced entrepreneurs and engineers from Stanford, Harvard, and Google, HADRON automatically connects the demand for computation and tasks with a large user and device population to get enterprise tasks done in record time and efficiency.”

  • Distributed Computing is really starting to turn some heads in a lot of industries. Any company working with huge amounts of data, video, etc that require large amounts of power to perform different tasks can take advantage of distributed computing. Unless you’ve somehow got access to a quantum computer, regular processors can only go so fast before they are bottle-necked by other components. Using a number of computers is a much better way of processing huge amounts of data.
  • Hadrons Team is extremely impressive on all fronts. All Team Members check out as being very well suited for this type of project. For Example, Darick Tong has experience as the Principal Engineer at Google, where he has built large-scale distributed systems since 2003. He is part of the team that developed and launched Gmail, and is a recipient of the Google Founders Award. At Stanford, he focused on artificial intelligence in his undergraduate studies and cryptography in his graduate studies in computer science. David Papandrew brings 20 years of product management experience to the team. He is a co-founder of Fanpop and served as Chief Product Officer. Previously, he worked at several leading technology and media companies in the Bay Area in both the B2C and B2B spaces.
  • Hadrons platform already has a demo available where you can create and account and login – Apparently the plaform already has 300,000+ signups. There isn’t a lot to do on the platform but we don’t expect anything just yet (it should be noted Alpha/Beta mining is currently underway). Great to see a demo available however limited it may be as it shows that development is already underway despite ICO funding not being locked in. We love to see projects with decent development prior to a token sale.
  • A recent partnership with NEO Global Capital is great to see. NEO Global Capital is the investment arm of the NEO Foundation and invests in both NEO-related projects and other top projects in the blockchain space. A partnership this strong before Hadron has even held their ICO shows that the team are on the right track and attracting the right type of attention. Not much more we can say on the partnership as it isn’t a very technical one but it’s definitely worth mentioning.
  • At the time of writing (June 16th, 2018) we don’t have a huge amount of information on the Hadron platform. We’ve seen a recent partnership with NEO Global Capital, which is awesome, but we still don’t have a Whitepaper. There is a link available to a “Coming Soon” page, so the Whitepaper is most likely on the way. Seems like the team are powering ahead with development and networking, but from an investors standpoint there isn’t many research resources available just yet. This concern will be modified once a Whitepaper becomes available.
  • Our only real concern for the Hadron platform is how it’s actually going to perform. We all know how intensive tasks such as mining cryptocurrencies are on computer hardware, running computer hardware at full load for long periods of time can even reduce the lifespan of some components. If users can rent out their spare computing power while still being able to use their own machine, Hadron will be a big hit. If a users computer isn’t able to be used at the same time, this is obviously a barrier very similar to what a lot of people face when mining cryptocurrencies. we’ll just have to wait and see, but we are confident that the Hadron team are aware of this potential barrier.
  • There is a lot of competition in this space and there will continue to be competition due to the simplicity of the business model. HyperNet is holding their own ICO using a very similiar model and already established projects such as DADI are also operating in the decentralized computing space. Moving away from decentralized solutions, tech giants such as Amazon and Microsoft are killing it when it comes to off-site computing due to the massive amounts of hardware these companies have access too. Obviously decentralized solutions have huge benefits over centralized solutions but the current leaders are going to fight to keep their market.
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The Team

Darick Tong (Co-founder)
David Papandrew (Co-founder)
Cliff Szu (CEO)


& Competitors

• Task Economies
• AI Marketplaces
• Competitors – HyperNet

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