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The idea for Overledger was sparked from Quants CEO and Founder – Gilbert Verdian’s first-hand experience as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the Department of Health. This is where he first saw the potential for blockchain to directly advancing patient care through interoperability across multiple networks and datasets.

Together with Gilbert, the entire Quant Network team have extensive experience working in enterprise and government are working to bring our shared vision to life.

Quant is addressing the major limitations of blockchain technology.

  • Overledger – Overledger is the world’s first blockchain operating system (OS) that not only connects blockchains to one another but also connects existing networks to blockchain and facilitates the creation of internet scale multi-chain applications otherwise known as MApps.
  • Quant Health – Quant Networks solutions help healthcare organisations by limiting the complexity of adopting blockchain technology. This in turn will improve their operational inefficiencies, so they can instead focus on what truly matters – helping and making scientific breakthroughs.
  • GoVerify – GoVerify allows people to verify and check any that email, SMS, letter or phone call received is legitimate and actually from the company they are sent from.

“We also simplifies how organisations can take advantage of blockchain through a single gateway instead of duplicating infrastructure, cost and integration of multiple individual blockchain gateways, so they can focus on operating their businesses and unlocking the benefits that this technology presents. In doing so we are laying the foundations for the next internet: The Internet of Trust.”


  • We’ve said it over and over again, Interoperability will be one of the most important issues blockchain tech will need to overcome in order to be a viable technology for businesses, companies and organisations who are currently stuck with the old “Legacy” systems. These big companies want a solution and they probably aren’t too interested in changing anything about their current workflow in order to go “decentralized”. Quant presents an all-in-one solution that is made incredibly simple for the end user/organisation which is what we love to see. Flexibility, Ease-of-Use and Uptime is incredibly important to big business’s and Quant definitely emphasizes their ability to scrub away the need to invest in costly new systems or perform complete overhauls of existing networks. With all of that being said, lets take a closer look.
  • Quant brings along 3 main products. Overledger, Quant Health and GoVerify. Overledger is described as “the world’s first blockchain operating system that not only connects blockchains to one another but also connects existing networks to blockchain”. This is where we think Quant will shine. Organisations can keep their existing infrastructure. While several other projects work on the theory of helping Organisations move from their older infrastructure to the new age of blockchain, Quant allows for this old infrastructure to be connected directly to Overledger which takes care of things from there on. Quant Health is very similar in function to Overledger but brings with it a host of other possibilities and solutions to the way data is handled in the health sector. Finally, GoVerify is one App that has us very intrigued. The proprietary tech behind GoVerify allows people to verify and check that any email, SMS, letter or phone call received is legitimate and actually from the company they are sent from. This is something we haven’t really seen attempted yet (which is surprising). Enabling people to verify communications would save economies hundreds of billions of dollars a year. That text you received saying you can claim $100,000 in inheritance from your Great Aunt? With GoVerify you’d be able to absolutely confirm that it’s Bulls**t
  • It’s been pretty hard to ignore Quant lately, especially with everything they’ve been up to. To show off the recent examples of their “Multi-Chain Apps”, They recently created a Decentralized Amazon running simultaneously across Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin powered by Overledger which is incredible. We’ve got so much more to look forward to over the next few Quarters. Q1 2019 will see the Quant App Store go live as well as an Open Source SDK be released to developers. Q3 2019 will see Enterprise MApps running on Quant with Treaty Contracts also being developed. Full steam ahead!
  • We’ve got to point out the Team here. Not very often do we dedicate a whole point to a projects Team but if you put any weight into this, you’ll be pretty confident that the project is in good hands. Gilbert Verdian (CEO & Founder) Has over 20 years of industry experience. He has worked across Government in Downing St, HM Treasury, Cabinet Office, Ministry of Justice and NSW Health and  the private sector at CSC, EY, HSBC and BP. Colin Paterson (COO) is a technology innovator with a background in Information, Cybersecurity and AI. He calls on his years of cross sector experience in; Health, Defence, Finance and Utilities. We could continue to list some of Quants incredible Team Members but it’s better if you check them out for yourself. Safe to say that a project with such a large scale of potential applications requires a strong Team. Look no further!


  • We’ll first address the industry that Quant is working in, or rather the sector of blockchain tech that they’re working in. BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) is and will continue to be a vital part of garnering mainstream adoption of blockchain tech. Companies & Organisations are usually pretty happy with how their systems work, regardless of if they’re highly inefficient or flawed, it’s just how it’s been for the past few decades. Quant and its competitors are in for a long ride and there’s nothing wrong with that, but investors just need to be aware that this type of project will take time to mature and provide returns. Quant is providing a solution that could potentially threaten a large majority of the players in this space so if they keep going the way they’re going, we’re confident this will become less of a concern very quickly.
  • We can’t seem to find a whole lot on partners using the product just yet. Yes, we fully understand that Quant is making some serious moves towards onboarding partners and developing it’s core products but we do need to point it out at this time. They have signed an exclusive partnership with Jiangsu Huaxin Blockchain Research Insitute (JBI) the first state-owned research hub dedicated to exploring blockchain technology for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. This partnership should instill investors with a lot of confidence, especially for the long term. Keep an eye on Quant over the next 6-12 months and see who else they get on board, from what we can see there are plenty of organizations keen to jump on board.
  • Lastly, a smaller concern. Quants main products are Overledger, Quant Health and GoVerify. We’re loving the multi-faceted approach to solve several issues in highly inefficient spaces although investors do need to keep in mind that even with a stellar Team working on the Quant project, these products will take time, more time than if they were just building out one of these products. We need to stress, again, this is a long term hold. Investors should be well read on the projects progress over the next few months as they push through their milestones. Apart from those few minor concerns/considerations, we’re excited to see Quant succeed which they surely will.

Price Predictions

  • As always, we like to take a step back and look at projects from a purely investment based perspective. QNT has had a really nice, steady increase over the past few weeks that it’s been readily available on exchanges. Now sitting just under a $20m Market Cap (October 2018), QNT still has a huge amount of growth potential in both the long term and probably the short term if it keeps climbing at this rate. Other projects working in the Interoperability/BaaS sector boast valuations of anywhere from $10m-$260m market caps, even in todays current market, so there’s plenty of room to grow. Considering Quant is bringing such a wide range of applications with it, we’re pretty confident Quant will be among some of the big players in terms of market cap in the near future.
  • QNT was lucky enough to be listed not only after January’s crash but also after the decline we saw from the April/May Alt run, meaning there’s really nothing but sweet, sweet price discovery from here on with little in the way of resistance from a TA point of view. Now, onto everyone’s favorite, price predictions.
  • Short term (< 3 Months) We think QNT could be sitting anywhere from $4 to $8.
  • Mid Term (6 – 12 Months) we think QNT could be a stable $10 to $20. Based on other projects in this space we feel that’d be pretty respectable, especially if the market turns around.
  • Anywhere passed 12 months would be impossible to accurately speculate on but we’d be confident on a $40+ QNT in 1+ years. Take a look at the Market Caps of Wanchain, Icon and others for reference. (These speculations are not to be mistaken for financial advice, we’re just having fun)


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Powered by the Ethereum Network. Can be stored on any ERC20 compatible wallet e.g MyEtherWallet

Token Statistics


• Ticker: QNT
• Circulating Supply: 9,777,236
• Total Supply: 14,612,493
• Token Use: Services & Fees


The Team

Gilbert Verdian (CEO/Founder)
Colin Paterson (CTO)
Gerald Dunn (COO/CFO)


& Competitors

• Blockchain Interoperability
• Multi-Chain Apps
• Competitors – Aion, Icon, Wanchain to an extent.

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