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The Next Generation Sparkster Decentralized Cloud meets the needs of widespread Blockchain adoption by supporting millions of customers and processing tens of millions of transactions per second.

Sparksters innovative cloud will disrupt the $200 billion cloud computing industry and prohibitive prices set by centralized cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft, Google and IBM.

  • The Sparkster Decentralized Cloud has already proven that it can scale linearly without ANY overhead curtailing its performance.
  • Data stored and accessed on the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud is deconstructed into transaction fragments, encrypted and disseminated across a network of nodes. Preventing any data observed from the Sparkster public blockchain being of any meaningful value. Sparkster’s Decentalized Cloud implements zk-SNARKs, originally commissioned by Zcash, zero knowledge proofs ensure that client data is obfuscated, even from other network participants.
  • The best networks play well with others, especially when customers decide which currency they’re most comfortable with. Hence, software designed with the Sparkster Platform can interact natively with Ethereum and IOTA, TODAY. In the future, we will support other fledgling currencies such as NEO, Cardano and Stellar.

“The Sparkster platform is a finished product. Let’s get started putting it to good use today. We’re empowering people – like you – to build the future. Our mission is one of inclusion, collaboration and progress, and to make sure no one gets left behind.

  • Sparkster Boasts an Insane 10 Million TPS (Transactions per Second). Obviously We Don’t Need to Explain Why This Is a Positive. If Future Tests Are Able to Validate This Claim, It Puts Sparkster High up There with the Rest of the Blockchain Performance Projects.
  • Sparkster Has Some Partnerships Lined up with Arm and Libelium. Both of These Companies Are on the Fringe of Cutting Edge Technology Providing Solutions to Power the Internet of Things. Obviously with Any IOT Technology, Transaction Speed Is Absolutely Critical to Maintain a Seamless Experience, Sparkster Has This Covered. Big Partnerships, Big Opportunities.
  • Token Sale Distribution Looks Really Good. With 67% of SPARK Tokens Going to the ICO Contributors, Sparkster Has Obviously Planned out in Great Detail Just How Much Funding They Need to Pull off What They’re Trying to Achieve. The Team Are Only Receiving 10% of SPARK Tokens and the Allocation of Those Funds Looks Great Too. A Very Well Planned Token Sale.
  • Sparksters Roadmap Is Seriously Impressive. Milestones/Goals Are Well Presented and Detailed All the Way into 2019. Past Progress Dating Back to 2014 Is Even Available to View. Great to See so Much Progress Has Been Made Even Before the ICO Period. It’d Be Great to See Some of This Progress on a Public Github, but the Team Are Clearly Working Hard.
  • The Sparkster Team Has an Incredible Amount of Experience in Areas That Are Vital to This Type of Platform. The Team Has Experience with Companies & Organizations Such as Cisco, WiPro, HSBC and IBM to Name a Few. The Team Also Includes 17 Software Engineers, Progress Shouldn’t Be an Issue Here Due to the Sheer Amount of People Working on the Technical Aspects of Sparkster.
  • At the Time of Writing (May 16th, 2018), We Can’t Seem to Find a Github for Sparkster. For a Project That Is Supposedly Feature Rich, It’d Be Great to See Some Github Progress to Back This Up. It Is Completely Possible That the Team Are Protecting Their Code from Competitors by Developing Privately Before Their ICO. Not a Huge Concern but Something to Keep an Eye On.
  • Sparksters Website Is a Little Hard to Understand at Times. It May Just Be a Language Issue but Researching Sparkster by Using the Resources on Their Website Can Get a Bit Confusing at times, with Some Paragraphs Not Making a Lot of Sense. If You Are Interested in Some Research, Go Straight to the Whitepaper or the Various Videos Are Available. Not a Direct Concern for Sparkster, Just Something That May Turn Investors Off.
  • Sparkster Claims to Be Able to Process 10 Million Transactions per Second. Their Testnet Produced a Result of 6,467 Transactions per Second Using 6 “Cells”. Great to See They Have Tested the Network Successfully, but the “10 Million TPS” Claim Is Still Completely Theoretical until We Actually See the Network Stress Tested to That Capacity. Investors Should Know the Difference Between Real Tests and Theoretical Maximums, Especially with Projects like Sparkster.
Whitelist: Yes (Pre-Sale)
ICO Token Price: 1 SPARK = 0.15 USD
Excluded Countries: USA
Bonuses: TBA
Tokens For Sale: 67%
Min/Max Cap: TBA
Accepts: ETH, BTC, USD, XRP, XLM
ICO Period: July


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Token Details

Token Type


Powered by the Ethereum Network. Can be stored on any ERC20 compatible wallet e.g MyEtherWallet

Token Statistics


• Ticker: SPARK
• Total Supply: 435,000,000
• Fundraising Goal: $30,000,000
• Token Use: Services & Fees


The Team

Sajjad Daya (CEO)
Amit Kumar (Vice President)
Shabeer Kirmani (Tech Evangalist)


& Competitors

• Blockchain Performance
• App Frameworks
• Competitors – Tomochain, Zilliqa, NEO

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