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Stakenet is a PoS blockchain created to provide a highly secure interchain economy for cryptocurrencies. This economy is backed by its own digital currency — XSN. It utilizes enhanced security algorithms, supports Lightning Network and has Cross-Chain capabilities.

Powerful Masternodes provide the network services and it’s the first blockchain secured by a Trustless Proof of Stake (TPoS) consensus, resulting in the highest level of security among existing PoS networks.

  • Next-Gen POS – Stakenet is a PoS blockchain created to provide a highly secure interchain economy for cryptocurrencies
    This economy is backed by its own digital currency — XSN. It utilizes enhanced security algorithms, supports Lightning Network and has Cross-Chain capabilities. Powerful Masternodes provide the network services and it’s the first blockchain secured by a Trustless Proof of Stake (TPoS) consensus, resulting in the highest level of security among existing PoS networks.
  • Cross-Chain Capabilities – XSN is able to interact with other blockchains, opening an infinite range of opportunities. CCPoS technology will allow you to stake XSN and earn the rewards in Bitcoin trustlessly, with no intermediates or risks involved.
  • Lightning Network – XSN has instant and essentially free transactions, with a theoretical output of unlimited transactions per second. Unimaginable by traditional money. XSN will allow you to do payments in any currency over LN. Even if a company only accepts BTC, you will still be able to pay him with XSN. The objective is to make XSN the only coin you need to own and be the most secure one by having a trustless operating environment.

“Stakenet is creating a truly decentralized, profit-driven interchain meta network economy to make crypto assets more accessible and secure for everyone”

  • After doing some research on Stakenet there seems to be some confusion on what XSN actually does or what the platform provides. We’ve come to understand that XSN is still pretty basic in terms of use-case, but this will really come to grow and develop through the end of 2018 into 2019. Right now XSN is an awesome coin for those who love being rewarded for contributing to a network, getting the best ROI possible and earning a passive income regardless of initial investment. A lot of people will say “well if it’s just a bunch of Masternodes and Stakers feeding off of each other, it’s just another Masternode pump/dump?”… WRONG. Right now XSN is implementing some of the most unique staking tech in the game and with the addition of a Decentralized Exchange and Decentralized Apps on the network in the future, the use-case for XSN is going to become more and more visible, and by that time, the people doubting XSN now will be paying a premium for it then. Let’s get into more on why we’re a bit bullish on Stakenet.
  • Stakenet has this cool thing where you will actually be able to stake your XSN from the safety of your Ledger wallet. We won’t go into the details on how this is possible but, it is. Through TPoS (Trustless Proof of Stake), “MerchantNodes” are given permission by “Stakers” to stake XSN on their behalf in return for a small fee. The MerchantNode has no access to the XSN tokens and the owner of the tokens can grab them out of their wallet at anytime, mitigating any sort of risk on the owners part and allowing them to grow their wealth with no active effort. This is a perfect solution for anybody who doesn’t have the ability to keep their Computer or VPN running 24/7 in order to stake XSN tokens. Speaking of staking, it works just as you’d expect but with the implementation of CCPoS (Cross-Chain Proof-of-Stake) coming soon, users can even opt to receive their staking rewards in the form of any other coin. If you’re looking for one coin that provides a ton of possibilities, a high ROI and a very low barrier to entry, Stakenet is your best bet right now.
  • Stakenets DEX is where we think the XSN token will really shine. We’ve seen how well Exchange Coins such as BNB have performed even through the bear market and there’s no doubt XSN will see similar performance if the DEX attracts enough volume. Rewards will be plentiful for those running a Masternode. Decentralized Apps are another exciting feature which are planned for the TestNet in Q4. Decentralized Apps on the network will allow the Team and third parties to develop powerful tools and services in and for Stakenet. With so many visible use-cases for the XSN token coming up, it only takes a bit of research to realize it isn’t just your average “masternode coin”.
  • Q4 is going to be an extremely big quarter for Stakenet. With CCPoS, a Decentralized Exchange, Sharding & Dapps on the Testnet and an XSN Hardware Prototype being launched, you can expect numerous catalysts for price movement over the coming months which will not only benefit traders but long term holders who are staking their XSN. You could expect a few of these points to drag over into 2019 but with an updated Roadmap no doubt on the way, we can only guess what the Team has planned for 2019.
  • We’ll go into this point a bit more in our Price Predictions section but at the time of writing XSN is only available on Cryptopia, Livecoin and Sistemcoin, which are all pretty low volume exchanges (although Cryptopia has been stepping it up recently). What we’re saying here is that XSN isn’t readily available to a lot of retail investors who like to keep their trading on bigger Exchanges like Binance, OKEx, etc. Once these investors are introduced to Stakenet and the possibilities for high ROI, passive income, we’ve got a feeling they’ll be all over it, especially seeing as they can get started staking with no minimum of XSN in their wallet.
  • We’ve got to include what seems to be a general concern popping up on various forums and threads on social media. The criticism is that XSN as it stands right now, is functioning as what some would call a “masternode coin”, meaning it has little function outside of powering the network through staking/masternodes. While there is definitely an argument for this now, it’s still a super fast way to transfer wealth which is nothing to scoff over. In the future through various applications such as a Decentralized Exchange and Dapps built on the Stakenet platform, XSN will have a lot of additional use-cases. We understand the concern now, but we believe it won’t be a valid concern for much longer.
  • While this isn’t a direct concern for any part of Stakenet in particular, we do want to stress the following; Stakenet is very ambitious. They’re going to be implementing some very major changes/additions to the platform over the next few months and we wouldn’t be surprised to see delays or hiccups along the way. Stakenet will be attempting a lot of “firsts” such as TPoS and CCPoS to name a few as well as implementing the DEX and Dapp functionality along the way. Investors should be keeping themselves well informed through Stakenets Blog and Telegram.
  • No other concerns here. If you’re looking for big red flags, you won’t find many. There’s a bit of confusion on how Stakenet will handle issues regarding inflation but we won’t be going into that today as it’s best answered by the Team on their Telegram.
Price Predictions
  • Please note: This Price Prediction section was a feature voted on by our community on Twitter. We do not stand by any of the following statements, we are merely speculating. We have been known to be pretty bullish on most projects we review, so take our predictions and DYOR.
  • As always, we like to take a step back and look at projects from a purely investment based perspective. XSN will no doubt see a ton of organic price growth through exchange listings and planned marketing in the future, any investments now would have a pretty good chance of appreciating from these catalysts, although any investment in such a new project comes with risk. Now sitting just under a $14m Market Cap (November 2018), XSN still has a huge amount of growth potential in the long term based on fundamentals. With the upcoming Decentralized Exchange, Decentralized Applications and the ability for Cross-Chain Rewards via CCPoS Tech, there’s so much to look forward to over the next few months.  Now, onto everyone’s favorite, price predictions. Please keep in mind due to the lack of XSN price history (going back to April 2018), these are highly speculative guesses.
  • Short term (< 3 Months) We think XSN could be sitting anywhere from $0.40 to $0.70.
  • Mid Term (6 – 12 Months) we think XSN could be a stable $1.50 to $5, especially if the market turns around in the next few months.
  • Anywhere passed 12 months would be impossible to accurately speculate on but we’d be confident on a $8+ XSN in 1+ years. The current XSN supply is just over 73 Million, so a $8 XSN would equate to a $584 Million Market Cap.
  • As with any investment into a low-cap project such as XSN, you absolutely must do your own research. We are by no means providing financial advice. Be smart!


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Token Details

Token Type

Network Token

Powered by the StakeNet Network. Can be stored on any XSN compatible wallet e.g Official Wallets

Token Statistics


• Ticker: XSN
• Circulating Supply: 73,105,967
• Total Supply: 82,235,544
• Token Use: Services & Fees


The Team

Draper (Operations)
Benjamin Wang (Software)
Yura Oleksyshyn (Engineer)


& Competitors

• Masternodes & Staking
• Cross-Chain Platforms
• Competitors – Various. No direct.

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